Friday, June 06, 2008

Update on Doug & Roman

Doug had his weigh in and lost 3.5 pounds! We're on our way!

Roman is definitely rediscovering things. Not to mean we're not having our struggles (following me around while I'm vacuuming, for Pete's sake!) but he's even been playing with his Viewmaster! And our Superman bop-bag won't survive the summer the way he's going at it.

His birthday presents from family are focusing more on playing-toys that are more age-appropriate (no more tiny Legos for awhile) and we're pretty excited to see what he'll do. He actually allowed me to put his kitchen in storage today to make room for birthday toys that are coming. That's a huge step for him, because if he had his way he'd still have all his baby toys in his toybox.

Last night he expressed to Doug that he wanted to learn to play baseball and asked if they could play catch. Again, another huge step forward.

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