Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roman at Five

Scared of bugs & storms
Doesn't like hot weather - is definitely Siberian!
Is slapsticky - will do pratfalls and talk to objects to get people to laugh
Trusts in us completely
Big, beautiful brown eyes
Has quite an attitude sometimes
Favorite outfit - red shorts & an orange shirt, with socks pulled up to his knees
Is a good "daddy" to his stuffed animals
Human stomach - would eat all morning if we let him
Craves companionship - his biggest punishment is sent to his room alone. He needs to be around people
Loves his Daddy, bordering idolizing him
Kisses still make scrapes and bumps feel better
Loves Band-Aids & ice packs
Must have a tattoo on most of the time
Favorite ice cream - Superman or rainbow sherbet
Truly does not like chocolate
Has a "fruit tooth" along with his "sweet tooth"
Loves to crawl into our bed at odd hours
Phenomenal memory for events and details
Is very emotional when he is tired, but refuses to rest
Often will state his opinion just to get a rise out of us
Mommy & Daddy are his whole world
Loves to count in Spanish
Wants stories of us or himself as a baby
Asks for backrubs to help him fall asleep
Is an "indoor boy"
Has a natural baseball swing
Is cautious when trying new things or going to new places
Doesn't understand why everyone isn't well-versed in Star Wars
Says "I've got a question for you" "I've got to tell you something" or "I've got a great idea" before almost every sentence
He is so sweet - he still wants to sit in our laps & cuddle

Happy Fifth Birthday, Roman!

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wmw said...

Happy birthday, Roman!

Can't wait to see you guys in Mich!