Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My back hurts.

And that is because Charlie weighs, according to our scale, 18 pounds. He is one pound less than Roman when he came home. And he's definitely in the same size - he is now solidly in 6-9 month sizes, and a couple 6-month sizes are too small. Don't fit over his belly, you see.

There's been a lot of little things I've thought of to blog, but they never seem by themselves enough to mention. There's the things Roman says when I tuck him in at night, like:
"I love Daddy more than you. I only love you a little."
I asked, how would you feel if I said I loved Charlie more than you?
"That would be fine. Then I can give all my attention to Daddy."

Or the fact that Charlie doesn't want anyone in the family to be out of his sight anymore. He will cry out if we leave for an extended period of time - say, 1 minute - and then stop and smile when we enter back into his sight. This goes for Roman, too. Charlie loves watching Roman play and studies him intently.

I'm very proud of myself - I arranged for a playdate for Roman tomorrow. The boy is coming to our house and everything. I'm just desperate for Roman to be detached from my hip for a couple hours. I got my hair cut & colored on Monday. I'm thrilled. Finally, finally, it's exactly how I want it. A little brown, a bit red, some lighter highlights... and we agree on the length & style. Awesome.

The rest of the week is pretty busy; the playdate, I have to go to school and pack away some things, Roman's birthday!, and a swim at a friend's house on Friday. Then some graduation partying on Saturday.

Things in life do come into my sphere sometimes. I am aware, for example, that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. I must definitely do some Venn diagrams to decide who to vote for. At least, I hope there's enough middle ground between the two for some Venn diagraming. I suspect there is, if you dig through the partisan crap. Also, the National Trust for Historic Preservation released their Top 11 Most Endangered Historical Places a few weeks ago. The list is always interesting to peruse, and honestly - when I have to kill time and I'm not scrapbooking, I'm probably looking at their lists. Check out their archives next time you have some time to kill. I much prefer it when there's a specific place to save, rather than "Corner of Main & Main," but it's still enlightening to see what they believe is slipping away.

And lastly, I announce that I have satisfactorily "scrapped" the year 2000 (in a slip-in album with paper embellishments) and have also done the months January-May in the "Brothers - first year" album. I also actually made a couple digital pages today. Roman's birthday from last year, and a "night out" that we had last June.

Simple? Oh, yes. But it can be done in the 30-minute window from when Roman is sent to his room for quiet time & Charlie begins crying for a bottle. Next on my list is to find an evening to have uninterrupted scrapping time (Doug has offered this Friday night), and to also start sorting through my memorabilia (aka "every scrap of paper") starting with 2006. It's divided by year luckily, but I'm willing to bet half of it can be thrown away, a quarter can be scanned, and the rest I'd want a hard copy.

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