Friday, June 06, 2008

Momentum = mass x velocity

Charlie has the mass, all right. Today he finally got velocity. He turned over! From his tummy to his back, tucking his right arm in. The first time was by sheer accident. He rocks his hips sometimes during tummy time but I figured it'd be at least another month. Today he was head-way-up-high, and his right arm was getting weaker. As he began to slump, he was tipping. And tipping.... and.... kaboom. He turned right over. He stared at me in shock, as I was laughing and cheering and practically crying. He didn't do it again until the afternoon, when he did it once with a little push on the hip, and then once by himself. WOW!

Since tomorrow is going to be all about Roman, I'm posting pictures of Charlie this evening.
Our chunka-monkey. Look at those legs!

The red hair - it's going away! there's just a little bit left in the back on the right... although I don't think you can really tell here. Some is now brown, some is blonde.

Look at that grin. Don't you want to reach into that picture & squeeze those cheeks?

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Cat Hoemke said...

conrats on the rolling! He is such a cute little guy. Can't wait to meet him in person!