Monday, June 02, 2008

"Like putting the Titanic in a lake"

Doug gave Charlie a bath last night and commented that he put less water in. Charlie has almost grown out of the infant-position of the tub, and we're going to have to finagle it a different way very soon. Trouble is, he can't sit up yet. Anyway, Doug said he had to put less water because putting Charlie in a fuller tub is "like putting the Titanic in a lake." The imagery just cracked me up!

This was going to be a normal update about the boys and us, until I was uploading some photos of Charlie when Roman came in with his snack of apples & caramel dip finished. "I love caramel!" he announced. I said I know, but I was beginning to get suspicious - why would he just say that? And then with a big grin, he showed me... he had decided to lather his hands in the rest of the caramel dip...

I was very irritated/angry, but I did snap a couple pictures. I'm trying to do that more often - the anger will pass (and Roman will be buying us a new container of caramel dip), but certainly I'd forget how funny this is later in life if I didn't take a picture.

Charlie is working very hard during tummy time. Just this past Saturday, this was as high as he could lift his head:

And this next picture was taken today:

Now granted, he isn't real happy about lifting his head that high, if you can tell from his expression. However, that black & white block is quite a motivator. In fact, Roman and I couldn't help but laugh - I introduced it to Charlie after a nap, and he was laying on his back. He was fascinated with it (the first real "contrast" he has seen besides our t-shirts!). I would let him look at it, then I would put it out of his sight. He began crying. I showed it to him again - calm and happy, very interested. Out of his sight - crying immediately. Show it to him - calm and happy. It was really, really funny. So I thought, maybe it would get him to raise his head higher. And it sure did!

In Doug & I news, it takes counting WW points to figure out why you're so fat. It's amazing to see it all tallied up in front of your eyes. But we emailed each other midday to "check in" and Doug has decided to walk the golf course this afternoon instead of carting it with his coworkers. Hooray Doug! In family news, I am making a definite effort to go outside more and turn the tv off as well. Last night, while I really wanted Roman to watch tv so I could do some little things around the house, I went to the park instead. On the way home Roman decided he wanted to get into his pool, so I sat outside with him to do that as well. Much better. He then got a little time watching "Funniest Home Videos" as a treat.

Today, he has not complained when I tell him "tv off." I'm not yanking it at once, of course - lack of cable beginning tomorrow will help that. But he played trains by himself & also created a soldier outfit from the top of a Sterilite container & elbow pads. I told him we were going out to his pool again today and he said "no." I said yes. He just shook his head. I told him too bad. Isn't it sad when you have to force a kid to go outside and play?

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