Friday, June 27, 2008

I sing the praises of...

Swiffer dusters. Nicole. Weight Watchers. Doug. Inspiration. The right place just in time. (with pictures of my boys sprinkled in).

Charlie getting attacked by his elephant. He is finally grabbing for things after you tease him a long while... but then he doesn't quite know what to do with them! Swiffer dusters. I used my first one today, having bought a pack on sale at Costco. I have used socks in the past to dust, microfiber towels, but the Swiffer duster beats all. I can't believe the amount it picked up! Even Roman liked using it, and got mad when I tried to take it to do the surfaces higher up. It was wonderful.

My friend Nicole is great. Doug and I have been trying to downsize our "stuff" for awhile now, having done a major cleanout of the storage unit a few months ago. Now we would like to again, and maybe even go down in size to a smaller storage unit (or even better, haul it all back here). Doug has agreed to turn his workroom into a storage area, and Nicole has agreed to take all the baby clothes off our hands when we're done with them. Some are hers, some are ours, and she's not sure when her #2 is coming - but she's willing to store them. And that is greatly appreciated.

I guess Weight Watchers is obvious, but I'm amazed at what 10.5 pounds can do. I've gone down a size in shirts, and today I was able to get an old belt around my waist again. And I must admit, my energy level is up a bit. My pants are loose, too. It's wonderful.

Doug is great because of how supportive he is. He is always willing to be my problem solver. Even if it means taking a day off work and using a precious vacation day, if it leads to improved mental health on my part, he will do it. He also is willing to sacrifice for the good of the household (see - giving up workroom for storage). Man, did I pick a good one!

Above is Roman and his new friend, Evan. You can tell by the looks on their faces that they are going to get in a lot of trouble together! Inspiration. Well, Doug and I fall into the habit easily of "the grass is greener." Move to Plymouth... bigger house... move to the West side... get a different job... on bad days, there's always a reason we can find why life just isn't "right" here. But we've been talking a lot since Charlie was born, and after a couple things didn't pan out the way we had hoped... and then I came across a quote from Uppercase Living (I was at a home party!). And we both agreed we needed it, we need to live by it, and we put it on our kitchen wall so we see it constantly.

This flower thing goes way back in my psyche, too. When I was in high school and a boyfriend had broken up with me, I was just devastated. My aunt came over to talk to me about it (she had just finalized her divorce) and she talked about how it was time to concentrate on me, and not a boyfriend and all the "what ifs." "Treat yourself as a garden," she said. "You need to find seeds of things you could enjoy, and then nurture them and allow these interests to bloom." That really stuck with me, & so does the idea of blooming where I am planted. Especially now that we have to be a Mommy & Daddy - we don't want Roman or Charlie hearing "grass is greener" talk all the time.

And lastly, being in the right place at the right time. Since the news came of where I would be located next year, I thought it a good idea to get to my old classroom & label the things that need to be moved - desk, bookshelf, and filing cabinet. I tell you, all I need is a corner! Anyway, I got down the hallway to discover - they had already moved stuff out of my room, moved the other teacher in, and "just weren't sure what to do with all this stuff" said Joe, the maintenance guy. If I had been another day or two later, who knows where my stuff would've gone - or if I would've ever gotten it back!


Nicole Kragt said...

Wow - a shout out in the blog! I'm honored. BTW - you're now officially the first to know - I'm going to write a book . . . . . .:)

wmw said...

Love the wall quote, and congrats on the 10.5 pounds!