Tuesday, June 03, 2008

health update on me!

I went to the dr. Monday morning for a physical and some bloodwork. I like intelligent doctors. I have found one. It took awhile, but I can always get in to this office (often even same-day). Regarding the intelligence - the last few years I like to discover whether a doctor is concerned that I have no family medical history. One shrugged it off; another said "when you turn 35...". This was the first time I had an actual physical at this office, and she immediately said she wanted to do an EKG so she can have a baseline for me, since I have no knowledge of any heart disease. Hooray! I like that they want to do tests a little earlier. I've always just had to be "extra careful" and ever-watchful of my body because I have no idea what might pop up. Of course, that also means I'm going to have to have a mammogram earlier than normal too.

Slight bad news came today from my bloodwork, although not surprising once I thought about it. My triglycerides are a little high, so they want me to cut down on red meat, eat a low-fat diet, and check back in 3 months to do repeat blood tests. Boo. Red meat is the best food in the world. I am wholeheartedly a carnivore; I guess I better just carnivorate chicken instead. Pbbt. And clearly I started my diet none too soon, eh?

Oh yeah, and I wanted to mention that I joined Facebook. If you're on there, be my friend!

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