Tuesday, June 17, 2008

evaluation for Charlie

Finally got a call from Wayne County Health Dept. Bureaucrats. Charlie's evaluation for "Early On" is July 1 at 8am. Scheduled it early so Doug could be here too. She told me it would take approximately 2 hours. The concern is still definitely increased tone, which is noticeable when you try to make him sit - he stiffens his legs, will not bend at the hips. I think based on what little I know, he has some in his arms too. At least, it's difficult for me to raise his arms over his heads while holding his hands, or in general move his arms around. He stiffens up.

The lady told me they would test at both birth & adjusted age to see where he falls. She doubts that he will qualify for PT or OT; he would need to be developmentally at half his age (that'd be 1.5 months, as they go by adjusted age). However, they can probably give suggestions to help, and also things to look for as he grows.

Charlie appears to have forgotten how to roll; He just lays and yells (again) now. He does thrust his hips, but the momentum appears to be gone. The other thing I'm slightly concerned about - he doesn't reach for things. At all. He clasps his hands in front of him, he has a good grip, but he doesn't reach out. Well, he has taken to grabbing the nipple of the bottle when it's in front of his face. But even when I place a toy practically in his hand, or brush it across, he doesn't grab; in fact, sometimes he recoils. I want to ask about this, because it seems that even at 3 months adjusted, he should be starting to at least throw his arms around? (those who have had babies, please advise!)

On the plus side, he is attempting to sit up; he hates reclining for long periods. When I have him sitting supported in front of me, he tries to lean forward even more (and often tips over!). I did purchase the Bumbo chair a couple weeks ago and it's awesome. Charlie holds his head really well, and he wants so badly to see the world (wouldn't you after 5 months laying down?), that I felt it would be a good investment. And it is - he can watch his brother better!

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