Thursday, June 05, 2008

Continuing to improve life

Today was my first weigh-in day on WW. I lost 2.5 pounds! Doug's weigh-in is tomorrow through work. For me I'm finding it's easier to do it this time, mostly because I can adjust my eating times. When I was working I had to eat breakfast at 6am, and had to snack at a certain time to make it to lunch. Being at home, I can eat breakfast later, which then only makes me snack in the afternoon.

To continue life improvement, we are on day 3 with basic channels. Roman is desperately trying to hold onto his watching-tv life, even swearing he likes Barney just so he can sit in front of the tube. However, he also is playing trains again like a fiend, and has shown more interest in his Playmobil than he has in a long time. Thankfully, there's also less interest in the lightsabers. I don't mind them, I'm just getting tired of battling 24/7. We're counting down the days until his birthday party, which is Saturday.

I am experiencing one of the first "mommy's feelings through her child" problems. Roman's 2 best buddies from preschool, of whom we were invited to both birthday parties but only able to attend one, didn't RSVP. Didn't even answer (they had to choose what they would eat for lunch, so it's not like they can just "show up"). That makes me angry. And my feelings are hurt for Roman, who was SOOOO excited to have them there. How I handled it with him was just telling him the kids who are going to be there. He figured it out, because he thought for a minute and then said, "oh." Kind of flat. And the excitement had diminished some, until I took him to the party place today to firm up some things and he saw it all over again. What a strange feeling though, to have my feelings affected by something that happened to Roman. I mean, I knew it would happen, but it's weird.

Charlie... well, my friends, despite what some experts/friends have said, we went ahead and put rice cereal in his bottle. And oh my gosh, finally what a difference. Gentle readers, he had been drinking between 9-11 oz A FEEDING, pretty much every 3-4 hours. And dr. said that's just too much. We put a tablespoon of rice cereal in 6oz of formula, and it lasts him 4-5 hours. We're still working on having him take cereal; 1 time a day we introduce it. And he pushes it out. And we try again. And he pushes it out. We are trying it with formula; we are trying it with water. Eventually he'll get the hang of it, I suppose. But we are a much happier family now.

I went to our old daycare today where Roman attended his first 2 years, to get an updated price list and take a look at the infant room to consider for Charlie when I return to work. I was pleased to see many familiar faces there, so turnover is low. They were pleased to see us too, and Doug chalks that up to "paying our tuition on time and not p***ing them off." When I asked them if I needed to sign up on a waiting list for the Fall, the asst. director said I should do that. Then the director smiled and said, "when you pay your registration, that will guarantee you." Hooray! The nice thing about this place (although $$ is high compared to say, at-home places) I can have Roman go there too, such as a snow day if I want it to myself, or those days where my district is in session and his is not. And that's VERY cool.

Lastly regarding our life improvement, an appointment has been made for our tub to be refinished. Triple hooray! And Doug said we could get new handles for the water, too. It's the little things, folks.

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