Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bubbles & raspberries

Charlie is doing both now - blowing bubbles and spitting raspberries. It's really quite funny, he gets to going on those raspberries - pbbt, pbbt, pbbt - and he sounds like a motorboat. He started up at dinner and Doug and I couldn't stop laughing! It makes feeding by spoon get put off a little longer, however. Tried to give him some of my applesauce today, he took a bite and then... you guessed it... PBBT!!! "Raspberried" it all over the table. Awesome.

I have some great pictures of the boys... on my camera. I'll get to getting them on the computer soon. Roman has been having a lot of playtime with a boy just a couple houses away, but for some reason that's still not giving me more leisure time. Can't figure that one out yet. :) He has played with him every afternoon this week. It gave Charlie & I an hour yesterday to just chill on the living room floor, playing, blowing at each other, talking, and even read a book (his first book - "A Color of His Own" by Leo Lionni). I've also been continuing to organize my scrapbooking. Not getting a lot of pages done, but sketches and layouts for pictures are being decided upon.

My weight last week must have been off a little, or I did phenomenally well this past week watching my points. I am another 5 lbs down, for a total of 10.5 lbs. I am sitting right on that big round number. I lost 3 points, so I'm going to have to be a little more conscious of what I'm doing. We're also excited to join the Rec Center in town, which we can do once Charlie is 6 months old (July 17!). They won't take them in the playroom until they're that age. I'm currently thinking a regimen of 2 days there with the kids, 2 days on my own will work. I'll go in the evening a couple times a week & do lap swimming... the other days I will play on the machines while they're in the playroom.

Last night we started watching a show called "The Baby Borrowers." We thought it would be a simple show about couples practicing with babies. It's more than that, for sure. They are late teenage couples who are thinking of getting married or the girls believe they are ready to have a baby "because I'm good with kids" or "I like babies." One couple said they were doing it to find out if they were right for each other.
They also aren't just having babies. They are taking care of babies, then toddlers, then "tweens", then teenagers, & then an elderly person. I thought this was a great idea. A couple of the girls are drama queens & cannot handle criticism at all - one didn't spoon feed the baby all day because it was "too hard" and when the actual mom came to talk about it with her, she got upset and now makes the boyfriend do all the babywork. Another couple, when the girl had to put on a pregnancy suit for one day, the boyfriend chuckled and she freaked out. Crying, slamming doors, going on about how he was "disrespecting" her. Oh, it was too funny. And she thinks she can be married with a baby? Another couple (or maybe the same?), the boyfriend told the camera he agreed to do it to convince his girlfriend that they weren't ready. Of course, the baby took to him & not her at all, so she's upset about that. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I recommend it. It will be on next Wednesday at 8pm on NBC. What an eye-opener.


Nicole Kragt said...

Heh - Paul taught Perrin the raspberry! After the food ended up on me, I stopped feeding as soon as he would start. He learned not to do it quickly.

wmw said...

It's hard not to laugh at the food raspberrying, isn't it? I'd have to walk away so I seemed mad and she couldn't see me laugh.