Friday, June 27, 2008

Breaking news... Charlie rolls on video!

I sing the praises of...

Swiffer dusters. Nicole. Weight Watchers. Doug. Inspiration. The right place just in time. (with pictures of my boys sprinkled in).

Charlie getting attacked by his elephant. He is finally grabbing for things after you tease him a long while... but then he doesn't quite know what to do with them! Swiffer dusters. I used my first one today, having bought a pack on sale at Costco. I have used socks in the past to dust, microfiber towels, but the Swiffer duster beats all. I can't believe the amount it picked up! Even Roman liked using it, and got mad when I tried to take it to do the surfaces higher up. It was wonderful.

My friend Nicole is great. Doug and I have been trying to downsize our "stuff" for awhile now, having done a major cleanout of the storage unit a few months ago. Now we would like to again, and maybe even go down in size to a smaller storage unit (or even better, haul it all back here). Doug has agreed to turn his workroom into a storage area, and Nicole has agreed to take all the baby clothes off our hands when we're done with them. Some are hers, some are ours, and she's not sure when her #2 is coming - but she's willing to store them. And that is greatly appreciated.

I guess Weight Watchers is obvious, but I'm amazed at what 10.5 pounds can do. I've gone down a size in shirts, and today I was able to get an old belt around my waist again. And I must admit, my energy level is up a bit. My pants are loose, too. It's wonderful.

Doug is great because of how supportive he is. He is always willing to be my problem solver. Even if it means taking a day off work and using a precious vacation day, if it leads to improved mental health on my part, he will do it. He also is willing to sacrifice for the good of the household (see - giving up workroom for storage). Man, did I pick a good one!

Above is Roman and his new friend, Evan. You can tell by the looks on their faces that they are going to get in a lot of trouble together! Inspiration. Well, Doug and I fall into the habit easily of "the grass is greener." Move to Plymouth... bigger house... move to the West side... get a different job... on bad days, there's always a reason we can find why life just isn't "right" here. But we've been talking a lot since Charlie was born, and after a couple things didn't pan out the way we had hoped... and then I came across a quote from Uppercase Living (I was at a home party!). And we both agreed we needed it, we need to live by it, and we put it on our kitchen wall so we see it constantly.

This flower thing goes way back in my psyche, too. When I was in high school and a boyfriend had broken up with me, I was just devastated. My aunt came over to talk to me about it (she had just finalized her divorce) and she talked about how it was time to concentrate on me, and not a boyfriend and all the "what ifs." "Treat yourself as a garden," she said. "You need to find seeds of things you could enjoy, and then nurture them and allow these interests to bloom." That really stuck with me, & so does the idea of blooming where I am planted. Especially now that we have to be a Mommy & Daddy - we don't want Roman or Charlie hearing "grass is greener" talk all the time.

And lastly, being in the right place at the right time. Since the news came of where I would be located next year, I thought it a good idea to get to my old classroom & label the things that need to be moved - desk, bookshelf, and filing cabinet. I tell you, all I need is a corner! Anyway, I got down the hallway to discover - they had already moved stuff out of my room, moved the other teacher in, and "just weren't sure what to do with all this stuff" said Joe, the maintenance guy. If I had been another day or two later, who knows where my stuff would've gone - or if I would've ever gotten it back!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bubbles & raspberries

Charlie is doing both now - blowing bubbles and spitting raspberries. It's really quite funny, he gets to going on those raspberries - pbbt, pbbt, pbbt - and he sounds like a motorboat. He started up at dinner and Doug and I couldn't stop laughing! It makes feeding by spoon get put off a little longer, however. Tried to give him some of my applesauce today, he took a bite and then... you guessed it... PBBT!!! "Raspberried" it all over the table. Awesome.

I have some great pictures of the boys... on my camera. I'll get to getting them on the computer soon. Roman has been having a lot of playtime with a boy just a couple houses away, but for some reason that's still not giving me more leisure time. Can't figure that one out yet. :) He has played with him every afternoon this week. It gave Charlie & I an hour yesterday to just chill on the living room floor, playing, blowing at each other, talking, and even read a book (his first book - "A Color of His Own" by Leo Lionni). I've also been continuing to organize my scrapbooking. Not getting a lot of pages done, but sketches and layouts for pictures are being decided upon.

My weight last week must have been off a little, or I did phenomenally well this past week watching my points. I am another 5 lbs down, for a total of 10.5 lbs. I am sitting right on that big round number. I lost 3 points, so I'm going to have to be a little more conscious of what I'm doing. We're also excited to join the Rec Center in town, which we can do once Charlie is 6 months old (July 17!). They won't take them in the playroom until they're that age. I'm currently thinking a regimen of 2 days there with the kids, 2 days on my own will work. I'll go in the evening a couple times a week & do lap swimming... the other days I will play on the machines while they're in the playroom.

Last night we started watching a show called "The Baby Borrowers." We thought it would be a simple show about couples practicing with babies. It's more than that, for sure. They are late teenage couples who are thinking of getting married or the girls believe they are ready to have a baby "because I'm good with kids" or "I like babies." One couple said they were doing it to find out if they were right for each other.
They also aren't just having babies. They are taking care of babies, then toddlers, then "tweens", then teenagers, & then an elderly person. I thought this was a great idea. A couple of the girls are drama queens & cannot handle criticism at all - one didn't spoon feed the baby all day because it was "too hard" and when the actual mom came to talk about it with her, she got upset and now makes the boyfriend do all the babywork. Another couple, when the girl had to put on a pregnancy suit for one day, the boyfriend chuckled and she freaked out. Crying, slamming doors, going on about how he was "disrespecting" her. Oh, it was too funny. And she thinks she can be married with a baby? Another couple (or maybe the same?), the boyfriend told the camera he agreed to do it to convince his girlfriend that they weren't ready. Of course, the baby took to him & not her at all, so she's upset about that. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I recommend it. It will be on next Wednesday at 8pm on NBC. What an eye-opener.

Monday, June 23, 2008

update on health, both mental & physical

First, my mom had her knee replacement surgery this morning. I heard from my dad at 11am and she was in recovery, with everything "fine." Pray that she continues to recover well, as the hard part (pain & physical therapy!) is still to come.

Charlie had his appt with the pediatric ophthalmologist this morning. We go back in 6 months, around his first birthday. Everything so far is looking good. He can track while moving his head, and is beginning to track with just his eyes. He is farsighted, which he said most babies are born that way. He also has astigmatism in both eyes (thanks, Mama!) but he said that was actually better than in just one eye, as he's not using one more than the other. Charlie was a good boy, Roman was a patient boy, and I was a proud Mama.

In Weight Watcher news, I am unofficially down another 2 lbs; I had to weigh myself early last week so I snuck a peek at the scale this morning. Doug is down a total of 12 pounds (he missed his weigh-in on Friday); he's the first one to go "down" in points. We're doing well! I'm 4 pounds away from getting below a really big number, a weight I haven't seen in a couple years. I'm hoping to get under that number on my weigh-in July 3rd. Fingers crossed!

In mental health news, it has paid for me to practice patience (at Doug's urging). My boss called today with a proposal for my rooms next year; and it is the best I could hope for. All my classes are on the same floor (upstairs, so I don't get carried away with adult-socializing), and he's putting my "desk" in my good friend Lisa's room. Lisa and I are almost like sisters, we have so much in common, and I gain a lot of knowledge & ideas from her. So I'm pretty darn excited to share her room, and she had offered it anyway so I know she will be pleased as well.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A busy, crazy, fun few days

I spent the last 4 days at my parents' house, some R&R (yes, I'm on maternity leave, but that doesn't mean it's a vacation!) & some history stuff thrown in as well. Lots of funny and cool things happened on the trip. Charlie became an official thumb-sucker.

Roman watched a snake eat not one, but two dead mice. Close up. I mean, really close up. That's him in the fluorescent green.

We met some "Germans" settling in to their foxholes near the airport (where we also toured a B-17 bomber! Cool!). I guess the car does take away from the authenticity, however.

And Ro, my dad, & I got to see a reenactment of the invasion of Peleliu, an island in the Pacific. In front of my eyes. Like, just a few feet away. It was awesome, amazing, incredible, & a lot more for which words do not do justice.

Spent some quality time with grandparents, got to sleep in a little, & had a dinner out (Mexican!). All in all, a good trip - but missed Doug terribly. Doug got lots done here, which will be in another post.

The funniest story of the week, however, is courtesy of Roman. At the Mexican restaurant our waitress Christina really took a shine to him. Teased him, talked to him, really made him feel special. When we got ready to leave she hugged him & kissed him on the forehead. As she walked away, Roman leaned toward me and whispered real loud with a big grin, "She didn't even know that Charlie was here!" What a telling quote. You can see how much he's been overshadowed by the little brother lately. In the car he was still enamored with her, because he shrieked out of the blue, "Another girl kissed me!" but he smiled, too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

evaluation for Charlie

Finally got a call from Wayne County Health Dept. Bureaucrats. Charlie's evaluation for "Early On" is July 1 at 8am. Scheduled it early so Doug could be here too. She told me it would take approximately 2 hours. The concern is still definitely increased tone, which is noticeable when you try to make him sit - he stiffens his legs, will not bend at the hips. I think based on what little I know, he has some in his arms too. At least, it's difficult for me to raise his arms over his heads while holding his hands, or in general move his arms around. He stiffens up.

The lady told me they would test at both birth & adjusted age to see where he falls. She doubts that he will qualify for PT or OT; he would need to be developmentally at half his age (that'd be 1.5 months, as they go by adjusted age). However, they can probably give suggestions to help, and also things to look for as he grows.

Charlie appears to have forgotten how to roll; He just lays and yells (again) now. He does thrust his hips, but the momentum appears to be gone. The other thing I'm slightly concerned about - he doesn't reach for things. At all. He clasps his hands in front of him, he has a good grip, but he doesn't reach out. Well, he has taken to grabbing the nipple of the bottle when it's in front of his face. But even when I place a toy practically in his hand, or brush it across, he doesn't grab; in fact, sometimes he recoils. I want to ask about this, because it seems that even at 3 months adjusted, he should be starting to at least throw his arms around? (those who have had babies, please advise!)

On the plus side, he is attempting to sit up; he hates reclining for long periods. When I have him sitting supported in front of me, he tries to lean forward even more (and often tips over!). I did purchase the Bumbo chair a couple weeks ago and it's awesome. Charlie holds his head really well, and he wants so badly to see the world (wouldn't you after 5 months laying down?), that I felt it would be a good investment. And it is - he can watch his brother better!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 brothers

Now that the Father's Day gift has been given, I can show off the pictures I took last week of the 2 brothers. Roman originally didn't want to touch Charlie - I think he has a fear of baby drool. However, when I propped Charlie next to him, he put his arm stiffly around Charlie. Then he said, "can I pat him on the head?" Of course, was the answer. So I got the second picture.

Now, I actually like the first one better, because they're both grinning. Either way, they're darn cute. And Daddy was very pleased to get a decorated picture frame with multiple pictures of his boys for his desk at work.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I should be out by the pool...

What a crappy day. It is the annual swim at a coworker’s house, but when I woke it was stormy, rainy, and they were warning of more. So I cancelled our appearance. I did think, it will probably get nice later and I should get ready anyway… but I didn’t. Then around 11:30 I thought to call and see if they were all there, cuz I changed my mind and thought we’d go (plus, it's sunny). Got out towels and swimsuits. Then I realized that Roman needed lunch very soon, Charlie was crying for more bottle, I hadn’t showered (and needed to if I was going to appear in a swimsuit), and it would be at least 45 minutes to pack up and get out the door; & 25 minute drive to the coworker. So I decided we wouldn’t. And then, inexplicably, I began to cry. Hard. And I realized I really needed to go. I need adults, I need my old friends, and I need to get out of the house! What I really need is some time away from the kids (because I am tired of dragging them everywhere I go) but that’s a different post.

But then I started thinking of everything I had to do since we’re visiting family this weekend. We have to go to the grocery store or Charlie will have nothing to drink. I have to go fill a prescription. I have to do a load of laundry. I had promised Ro we’d return stuff to the library to get new for the weekend. And I thought, I guess we can’t go. And then a coworker called. “We’re here! Come join us!” And I decided at the last minute – to punish myself. We’re not going. I can’t keep changing my mind, telling Ro we’re going, then we’re not, and I should have gotten showered & ready this morning instead of sitting in a funk & sulking.

So at this moment, at least 4 of my favorite coworkers are lounging around a pool, drinking a beer, eating from the grill, and I’m going to Kroger’s and then the drugstore. Then I’m coming home and vacuuming the basement, doing a load of whites, & maybe playing a game with Roman on the Playstation. And I’m angry about it. But if I hadn’t been all unmotivated & sulky this morning, I guess we could’ve gone. Serves me right.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

news in brief

I'm trying to find a new map to see my visitors. MapLoco, which I was using, just decided not to work. I like seeing where all you readers are from, and was quite surprised to find people I don't know reading my blog! That's cool, though, cuz I went and read their blog (hi Paige!). Reading others' blogs to me is the same as trying to see inside people's houses as you drive past. You're always just a little curious about what it looks like, or what they're doing...

In the adventures of Weight Watchering, I lost another 2.5 pounds for a total of 5. That's also a total of 11 lbs from when Charlie left my body, and it was enough to get me in some of my baggier XL shirts. Thank goodness. I haven't seen this weight since end of last school year! More to come.

Speaking of end of the school year, I went in to school today to do some putting away and visiting with coworkers. Had drama that I wasn't expecting when I went to speak to my boss, and discovered I will be removed from my room and put on a cart again next year. I, being my emotional self, totally overreacted to this news and the fact that my boss seemed unprepared as to where I was going to - didn't know what rooms, didn't even know if I would have a place to call "home" (like a desk or place to put papers?). Of course, I suppose I threw him off balance too when I approached him with a concern, which I won't go into here. Anyway, Doug gave me the equivalent of a slap in the face to calm me down (he didn't really slap me, folks. Just used good words) and remind me that it's not actually the room I have an issue with, it's feeling shoved around and forgotten because I've been out on leave. I do feel like I'm getting the shaft, as other people work part-time but get rooms due to their subject, and I'm the one never in the same d*** place any year. Anyway. Enough about that.

Roman's birthday was awesome, and he was awesome all day. It was one of those days where you think an angel has come and replaced your boy, forgetting he can be so sweet sometimes. He behaved well everywhere we went. Tonight we took him to see "Kung Fu Panda" and left Charlie with a babysitter. It was time that Roman had us to himself again. We then went out for ice cream, and Ro actually fell asleep on the way there. 7:30pm! And you will be shocked, I actually forgot my camera. No pictures at the theater, no pictures of ice cream. I cannot believe it myself. I was so excited to get out of the house without the diaper bag, I forgot to grab the stupid thing. By the way, I give KFP a big thumbs up. Totally enjoyable and funny. The scary guy not too scary.

And knock on wood that I'm jinxing ourselves, but Charlie is consistently sleeping from 10pm-6am every night. Simply amazing. Funnily enough, I'm getting more emotional the more sleep I get. Huh.

Roman at Five

Scared of bugs & storms
Doesn't like hot weather - is definitely Siberian!
Is slapsticky - will do pratfalls and talk to objects to get people to laugh
Trusts in us completely
Big, beautiful brown eyes
Has quite an attitude sometimes
Favorite outfit - red shorts & an orange shirt, with socks pulled up to his knees
Is a good "daddy" to his stuffed animals
Human stomach - would eat all morning if we let him
Craves companionship - his biggest punishment is sent to his room alone. He needs to be around people
Loves his Daddy, bordering idolizing him
Kisses still make scrapes and bumps feel better
Loves Band-Aids & ice packs
Must have a tattoo on most of the time
Favorite ice cream - Superman or rainbow sherbet
Truly does not like chocolate
Has a "fruit tooth" along with his "sweet tooth"
Loves to crawl into our bed at odd hours
Phenomenal memory for events and details
Is very emotional when he is tired, but refuses to rest
Often will state his opinion just to get a rise out of us
Mommy & Daddy are his whole world
Loves to count in Spanish
Wants stories of us or himself as a baby
Asks for backrubs to help him fall asleep
Is an "indoor boy"
Has a natural baseball swing
Is cautious when trying new things or going to new places
Doesn't understand why everyone isn't well-versed in Star Wars
Says "I've got a question for you" "I've got to tell you something" or "I've got a great idea" before almost every sentence
He is so sweet - he still wants to sit in our laps & cuddle

Happy Fifth Birthday, Roman!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My back hurts.

And that is because Charlie weighs, according to our scale, 18 pounds. He is one pound less than Roman when he came home. And he's definitely in the same size - he is now solidly in 6-9 month sizes, and a couple 6-month sizes are too small. Don't fit over his belly, you see.

There's been a lot of little things I've thought of to blog, but they never seem by themselves enough to mention. There's the things Roman says when I tuck him in at night, like:
"I love Daddy more than you. I only love you a little."
I asked, how would you feel if I said I loved Charlie more than you?
"That would be fine. Then I can give all my attention to Daddy."

Or the fact that Charlie doesn't want anyone in the family to be out of his sight anymore. He will cry out if we leave for an extended period of time - say, 1 minute - and then stop and smile when we enter back into his sight. This goes for Roman, too. Charlie loves watching Roman play and studies him intently.

I'm very proud of myself - I arranged for a playdate for Roman tomorrow. The boy is coming to our house and everything. I'm just desperate for Roman to be detached from my hip for a couple hours. I got my hair cut & colored on Monday. I'm thrilled. Finally, finally, it's exactly how I want it. A little brown, a bit red, some lighter highlights... and we agree on the length & style. Awesome.

The rest of the week is pretty busy; the playdate, I have to go to school and pack away some things, Roman's birthday!, and a swim at a friend's house on Friday. Then some graduation partying on Saturday.

Things in life do come into my sphere sometimes. I am aware, for example, that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. I must definitely do some Venn diagrams to decide who to vote for. At least, I hope there's enough middle ground between the two for some Venn diagraming. I suspect there is, if you dig through the partisan crap. Also, the National Trust for Historic Preservation released their Top 11 Most Endangered Historical Places a few weeks ago. The list is always interesting to peruse, and honestly - when I have to kill time and I'm not scrapbooking, I'm probably looking at their lists. Check out their archives next time you have some time to kill. I much prefer it when there's a specific place to save, rather than "Corner of Main & Main," but it's still enlightening to see what they believe is slipping away.

And lastly, I announce that I have satisfactorily "scrapped" the year 2000 (in a slip-in album with paper embellishments) and have also done the months January-May in the "Brothers - first year" album. I also actually made a couple digital pages today. Roman's birthday from last year, and a "night out" that we had last June.

Simple? Oh, yes. But it can be done in the 30-minute window from when Roman is sent to his room for quiet time & Charlie begins crying for a bottle. Next on my list is to find an evening to have uninterrupted scrapping time (Doug has offered this Friday night), and to also start sorting through my memorabilia (aka "every scrap of paper") starting with 2006. It's divided by year luckily, but I'm willing to bet half of it can be thrown away, a quarter can be scanned, and the rest I'd want a hard copy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Just what I wanted!"

The presents, the party - Roman pronounced it all "just what I wanted." All those invited came, no surprise guests, barely any lunch was eaten, not even the cake was really eaten - too much fun running around and playing! After the party both sets of grandparents came by so Roman could open gifts from them, and then we all went out to dinner. And to think, his actual birthday isn't for 4 days yet!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Momentum = mass x velocity

Charlie has the mass, all right. Today he finally got velocity. He turned over! From his tummy to his back, tucking his right arm in. The first time was by sheer accident. He rocks his hips sometimes during tummy time but I figured it'd be at least another month. Today he was head-way-up-high, and his right arm was getting weaker. As he began to slump, he was tipping. And tipping.... and.... kaboom. He turned right over. He stared at me in shock, as I was laughing and cheering and practically crying. He didn't do it again until the afternoon, when he did it once with a little push on the hip, and then once by himself. WOW!

Since tomorrow is going to be all about Roman, I'm posting pictures of Charlie this evening.
Our chunka-monkey. Look at those legs!

The red hair - it's going away! there's just a little bit left in the back on the right... although I don't think you can really tell here. Some is now brown, some is blonde.

Look at that grin. Don't you want to reach into that picture & squeeze those cheeks?

Update on Doug & Roman

Doug had his weigh in and lost 3.5 pounds! We're on our way!

Roman is definitely rediscovering things. Not to mean we're not having our struggles (following me around while I'm vacuuming, for Pete's sake!) but he's even been playing with his Viewmaster! And our Superman bop-bag won't survive the summer the way he's going at it.

His birthday presents from family are focusing more on playing-toys that are more age-appropriate (no more tiny Legos for awhile) and we're pretty excited to see what he'll do. He actually allowed me to put his kitchen in storage today to make room for birthday toys that are coming. That's a huge step for him, because if he had his way he'd still have all his baby toys in his toybox.

Last night he expressed to Doug that he wanted to learn to play baseball and asked if they could play catch. Again, another huge step forward.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I was almost done with the previous entry when I remembered I was going to post pictures. Enjoy!
What is that square black thing in front of your face, Mommy?

I'm too big! I need to switch to the other bathtub!

Believe it or not, this is imagination. Roman in the middle of making a Hot Wheels racetrack, using boxes & video cases as barriers.

Even more creativity! Roman adding stickers to his "picture book." Then he tells us stories based on the stickers. (the Pepsi can is mine, by the way!)

Continuing to improve life

Today was my first weigh-in day on WW. I lost 2.5 pounds! Doug's weigh-in is tomorrow through work. For me I'm finding it's easier to do it this time, mostly because I can adjust my eating times. When I was working I had to eat breakfast at 6am, and had to snack at a certain time to make it to lunch. Being at home, I can eat breakfast later, which then only makes me snack in the afternoon.

To continue life improvement, we are on day 3 with basic channels. Roman is desperately trying to hold onto his watching-tv life, even swearing he likes Barney just so he can sit in front of the tube. However, he also is playing trains again like a fiend, and has shown more interest in his Playmobil than he has in a long time. Thankfully, there's also less interest in the lightsabers. I don't mind them, I'm just getting tired of battling 24/7. We're counting down the days until his birthday party, which is Saturday.

I am experiencing one of the first "mommy's feelings through her child" problems. Roman's 2 best buddies from preschool, of whom we were invited to both birthday parties but only able to attend one, didn't RSVP. Didn't even answer (they had to choose what they would eat for lunch, so it's not like they can just "show up"). That makes me angry. And my feelings are hurt for Roman, who was SOOOO excited to have them there. How I handled it with him was just telling him the kids who are going to be there. He figured it out, because he thought for a minute and then said, "oh." Kind of flat. And the excitement had diminished some, until I took him to the party place today to firm up some things and he saw it all over again. What a strange feeling though, to have my feelings affected by something that happened to Roman. I mean, I knew it would happen, but it's weird.

Charlie... well, my friends, despite what some experts/friends have said, we went ahead and put rice cereal in his bottle. And oh my gosh, finally what a difference. Gentle readers, he had been drinking between 9-11 oz A FEEDING, pretty much every 3-4 hours. And dr. said that's just too much. We put a tablespoon of rice cereal in 6oz of formula, and it lasts him 4-5 hours. We're still working on having him take cereal; 1 time a day we introduce it. And he pushes it out. And we try again. And he pushes it out. We are trying it with formula; we are trying it with water. Eventually he'll get the hang of it, I suppose. But we are a much happier family now.

I went to our old daycare today where Roman attended his first 2 years, to get an updated price list and take a look at the infant room to consider for Charlie when I return to work. I was pleased to see many familiar faces there, so turnover is low. They were pleased to see us too, and Doug chalks that up to "paying our tuition on time and not p***ing them off." When I asked them if I needed to sign up on a waiting list for the Fall, the asst. director said I should do that. Then the director smiled and said, "when you pay your registration, that will guarantee you." Hooray! The nice thing about this place (although $$ is high compared to say, at-home places) I can have Roman go there too, such as a snow day if I want it to myself, or those days where my district is in session and his is not. And that's VERY cool.

Lastly regarding our life improvement, an appointment has been made for our tub to be refinished. Triple hooray! And Doug said we could get new handles for the water, too. It's the little things, folks.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

health update on me!

I went to the dr. Monday morning for a physical and some bloodwork. I like intelligent doctors. I have found one. It took awhile, but I can always get in to this office (often even same-day). Regarding the intelligence - the last few years I like to discover whether a doctor is concerned that I have no family medical history. One shrugged it off; another said "when you turn 35...". This was the first time I had an actual physical at this office, and she immediately said she wanted to do an EKG so she can have a baseline for me, since I have no knowledge of any heart disease. Hooray! I like that they want to do tests a little earlier. I've always just had to be "extra careful" and ever-watchful of my body because I have no idea what might pop up. Of course, that also means I'm going to have to have a mammogram earlier than normal too.

Slight bad news came today from my bloodwork, although not surprising once I thought about it. My triglycerides are a little high, so they want me to cut down on red meat, eat a low-fat diet, and check back in 3 months to do repeat blood tests. Boo. Red meat is the best food in the world. I am wholeheartedly a carnivore; I guess I better just carnivorate chicken instead. Pbbt. And clearly I started my diet none too soon, eh?

Oh yeah, and I wanted to mention that I joined Facebook. If you're on there, be my friend!

Monday, June 02, 2008

"Like putting the Titanic in a lake"

Doug gave Charlie a bath last night and commented that he put less water in. Charlie has almost grown out of the infant-position of the tub, and we're going to have to finagle it a different way very soon. Trouble is, he can't sit up yet. Anyway, Doug said he had to put less water because putting Charlie in a fuller tub is "like putting the Titanic in a lake." The imagery just cracked me up!

This was going to be a normal update about the boys and us, until I was uploading some photos of Charlie when Roman came in with his snack of apples & caramel dip finished. "I love caramel!" he announced. I said I know, but I was beginning to get suspicious - why would he just say that? And then with a big grin, he showed me... he had decided to lather his hands in the rest of the caramel dip...

I was very irritated/angry, but I did snap a couple pictures. I'm trying to do that more often - the anger will pass (and Roman will be buying us a new container of caramel dip), but certainly I'd forget how funny this is later in life if I didn't take a picture.

Charlie is working very hard during tummy time. Just this past Saturday, this was as high as he could lift his head:

And this next picture was taken today:

Now granted, he isn't real happy about lifting his head that high, if you can tell from his expression. However, that black & white block is quite a motivator. In fact, Roman and I couldn't help but laugh - I introduced it to Charlie after a nap, and he was laying on his back. He was fascinated with it (the first real "contrast" he has seen besides our t-shirts!). I would let him look at it, then I would put it out of his sight. He began crying. I showed it to him again - calm and happy, very interested. Out of his sight - crying immediately. Show it to him - calm and happy. It was really, really funny. So I thought, maybe it would get him to raise his head higher. And it sure did!

In Doug & I news, it takes counting WW points to figure out why you're so fat. It's amazing to see it all tallied up in front of your eyes. But we emailed each other midday to "check in" and Doug has decided to walk the golf course this afternoon instead of carting it with his coworkers. Hooray Doug! In family news, I am making a definite effort to go outside more and turn the tv off as well. Last night, while I really wanted Roman to watch tv so I could do some little things around the house, I went to the park instead. On the way home Roman decided he wanted to get into his pool, so I sat outside with him to do that as well. Much better. He then got a little time watching "Funniest Home Videos" as a treat.

Today, he has not complained when I tell him "tv off." I'm not yanking it at once, of course - lack of cable beginning tomorrow will help that. But he played trains by himself & also created a soldier outfit from the top of a Sterilite container & elbow pads. I told him we were going out to his pool again today and he said "no." I said yes. He just shook his head. I told him too bad. Isn't it sad when you have to force a kid to go outside and play?