Sunday, May 11, 2008

These little hands

My Mother's Day was just how I like it. Quiet, no big deal, but at the same time I had quite a bit of time to myself. My fabulous husband watched Charlie most of the day - which isn't a hardship, actually - and Roman slept 1-1/2 hours for a nap and played on his own for quite awhile as well. Had some nice pictures taken, too.

The hand flowers from Roman came Wednesday night from his class at church. I cried, I thought it was so cute. And Charlie, well, he has finally found his hands - in his mouth or he's fiddling with his fingers constantly. And talking... boy, is he making lots of sounds!

I spent the day playing with my scrapbooks, moving some older pages around, and deciding where to stop doing pages chronologically and where to start doing "categories." The decision happened quite nicely, actually - I will finish 2003 as chronological, and start 2004 (the year we got Roman) as categories. And that's fitting, I think - new version of our family, new version of our scrapbooks. I'm still so disorganized though - I thought I had finished 2006 digitally, just to open a box of old prints and find multiple shots from 2006. That's the year I lost our digital camera and had to go back to an old 35mm, however, so I suspect that's why I've got these extras.

So here's a layout I completed recently - I did a small album of our spring break trip in 2007, but I also did a layout of highlights for the "Places We Go" book.

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