Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our anniversary!

Eight years ago today, Doug and I got married. Wow! And just about 7 years ago, we closed on this house. And a smidge over 4 years ago, we brought Roman home from Russia. And 4 months ago, we began to seriously anticipate Charlie's arrival. Amazing. It occurred to me last night that we have spent half our married life without kids, and half with them. Kind of neat.

I'd post a picture of us two lovebirds on the day of our union, but the computer with the scanner is sadly, um... not working. We're not doing much exciting, since it's the middle of the week and all. Early on, we decided togo bowling on our anniversaries as it was something we could do with or without kids. The last couple years, however, we haven't gone - not sure why, I guess life got in the way. But we may go tonight depending on how I feel. Yes, folks, I've finally decided to go to the doctor and get the antibiotics I so desperately need. It's day 6 of stuffy/runny nose and sore throat, day 4 of productive cough. I don't think it's going to get better.

Roman has been busy with playdates. A neighbor came to introduce himself with his 4-1/2 year old son, and Roman skipped off to play with them for a couple hours. Today a friend from his preschool invited him over for a couple hours. I had been hoping for those couple hours to myself (well, me & Charlie) but that's when I'm going to the doctor. We also decided on Roman's birthday party. It's going to be at an indoor playplace that has huge jungle-themed climbing stuff. A couple of his friends have had parties there and that's where he wanted it. We are inviting 10 friends (whew!) assuming there will be some who can't make it. So I'm going there to pick up the predone invitations, etc.

Charlie is finally showing signs of awareness of the world around him. He startles, of course, at every sound his brother makes. What's neat, though, is that he likes going to new places (such as the bathroom during Roman's bath) and is very serious when he observes his surroundings. I have finally found a sure-fire way to make him smile, however. After his bottle and things seem to be settled in his tummy, I sit him up in front of me. For some reason he just loves this and he will smile multiple times at me. In fact, these episodes have proven what we had been suspecting - he has DIMPLES! Because his cheeks are so chubby they're hard to see, but those big-faced grins can't hide them. Here's a couple pics from this morning's round of smiles.
The first is me trying to hold him and take the picture myself - I got an amused look, but not necessarily a grin. The second I turned the camera over to Roman and concentrated on getting the boy to smile. He obliged; not the biggest smile I've seen, but he's clearly happy to be the center of attention!


Anonymous said...

He is so stinkin' cute! Once track dies down a little (and I return from Montreal) I think I might need to schedule another play date for myself :-)

Sheryl said...

Congrats on the anniversary! If you did go bowling- I know you had fun!!:) and if not- what a gorgeous day weather wise to celebrate!