Thursday, May 22, 2008

names & advice/comparing brothers

Roman called me "mom" for the very first time today. I was "mama" for about 2-1/2 years, and then he alternated between "mama" and "mommy." I have just come around to accepting "mommy" because it sounds real cute coming from him. I had wanted to remain "mama" as that's what I was named by the assistant mayor when we registered in Ekaterinburg. I could push it if I really wanted to. But "mom"? It just seems so... like everyone else. Mom. It's what I call MY mom. It's what a growing-up kid calls his mother. I'm not ready for Roman to be a big kid! I know "mommy" won't last, and once he's around peers more I will become plain ol' "mom." But I sure hope "mommy" will stick around for a little longer. Of course, he also will occasionally call me "moo-ma" and I'm not sure where that came from, but it sure is funny!

We have gotten advice regarding feeding Charlie, and I thank people for it. Please remember that while we may look like professional child-raisers, we have never had an infant before. We have no idea what we're doing until Charlie is, like, 10 months old. Or 10 months adjusted, anyway. So advice is good! We were recommended to try our fingers as he's used to the sucking... try only one meal at a time first... and feed after a bottle is totally finished, so there's no "hunger pressure" on any of us. All good ideas. I think we will try again after Memorial Day - camping is not the time to introduce something new.

We keep standing in awe of Charlie's size. We are amazed that he is in outfits that Roman wore when he came home at 9-1/2 months old. I mean, Roman was 19 pounds then! But then Doug and I were reminscing slightly at dinner. Roman was at the bottom of the charts. He was 19 pounds, but only about 19 or 20 inches long. Oh yeah... it comes back to me. I looked at our homecoming picture at the airport and thought - the only difference between Roman then and Charlie now is that Roman was feeding and could sit up. Size-wise, communication-wise, all the same. Huh.

Anyway. I've been attempting to feel guilty about putting Charlie in disposable diapers, as many of the blogs I keep up with are very pro-cloth diapers. I even did some research on biodegradable disposable diapers, but it turns out that in America, it doesn't matter - we landfill everything, even if it is biodegradable. Which is really the issue. The only reason to go with that type of disposable is that it is made out of eco-friendly materials rather than all plastic and gooey gel. Of course, instead of the gooey gel it's some sort of wood pulp mixture, so now you're cutting down trees to wrap your baby's butt.
However, I just may try one of the brands I saw from Sweden that is sold at Target. I mean, there's no way I'm doing cloth. Despite all the good reasons for it, I am a total convenience-gal. Especially with a second child in the house. And I don't feel guilty about it, although I probably should. But maybe if I use diapers that are made out of eco-friendly stuff, then at least it's a step in the right direction. As long as we're not cutting down too many trees to make them.


Cat Hoemke said...

I hope I haven't been contributing too much to the attempted guilt. Realize that cloth diapers are my current obsession and hobby. (I didn't say I wasn't a little weird) :)

Nicole Kragt said...

Don't feel guilty - we'll buy our own landfill and fill it up together - it will be fun :)

Us said...

Ah, no worry Cat - you have actually convinced me with the troubles you've been having in finding the right kind, that I'm glad I slap a size-3 disposable on and go! :)

wmw said...

Ah yes, I too repent of possibly seeming a cloth pusher--it's just that it's our obsession, you see! We're addicted! Heeeeeeeeelp!

Cat Hoemke said...

I can quit any time I want! :D