Thursday, May 29, 2008

Much better, thank you

Doug has returned from his 2-day business trip, which would also explain why I was so exhausted and emotional last night; I had done all the feedings for close to 2 days. Enough to wear a person out. Real glad he doesn't travel a lot right now. My energy also perked up when I got a call from a coworker reminding me that it was our traditional hangout day, and she didn't care if I was working or not - I had better get to school so we could see each other. Traditional hangout day is great - the 8th graders are gone on their unsanctioned Cedar Point trip, the 6th graders are gone for the morning doing some roller skating party, and the 7th graders have a hot dog lunch and this year, complete with dunk-the-teacher tank and bouncer-obstacle course. Not much for 8th grade teachers to do but hang out and chat!

So I packed up the boys and headed over there. It was fun. Roman was a little unsure of the dunk tank, and actually said he wouldn't want to make a person fall into it. Sweet. He loved the bouncer though, and once the 7th graders cleared out he went through it probably six times. I went through once, just to be a good sport. All this excitement, plus Daddy coming home and a visit to a friend's house complete with trampoline on Wednesday, enticed Roman to actually SLEEP today during quiet time. He was in there almost 2 hours, I have no idea when he fell asleep.

Charlie is beginning to take a little more at feedings again, around 6oz today. He also has begun burping up a lot of mucus tinged with formula. He has a lot of stuffiness issues, and I wonder if he's got drainage that is filling his tummy. If it continues or doesn't get better, I'm definitely calling the ped.

Now I'm going to talk about my other love, scrapbooking. Photo organization, to be exact. I’ve been spending my free time reorganizing my photos. I bought a book called “Photo Freedom” by Stacy Julian. I have a previous book of hers, “The Big Picture" in which she convinced me to (almost) let go of chronological scrapbooking. It’s been hard though – even though I have divided my books into categories rather than years, I still find I am scrapping chronologically & by event.

However, I have taken a major step thanks to Photo Freedom. I have reorganized ALL my photos into categories. No more monthly folders for me, except for the “Charlie” “Roman” and “Family” pictures. Everything now gets separated into the following categories:

About Us (insights into our personalities)
Everyday Life (called “Things We Do” in the books)
Celebrations & Holidays
Places We Go
People We Love

I found that the Everyday Life is going to be the fastest growing album. I was concentrating so much on event-event-event, but I found the pages that Roman likes to look at the most are the “what was I like as a baby?” pages. Those that described his toys, or his moods, or silly things he does or says.

I also finally took advantage of the beauty of Photoshop Elements (besides that I can create digital pages) and have “tagged” my photos into categories. So I can click on the “Roman” tag and all pictures of Roman come up, regardless of month or year. Or, strangely enough, I discovered a need for a tag called “food.” Click on it, and there are close to 15 photos of us with food. Interesting.

So, it’s moving along. I’m not getting many actual pages done, but #1 this is easier to do when I’ve only got 10 or 15 minutes to spare at a time, and #2 hopefully it will cause me to scrap in a more timely manner. Such as, “Celebrations & Holidays” can be up to date, even if my “Places We Go” is still stuck in June 2007. I can scrap photos that are relatively recent. And Charlie can actually make it into my scrapbooks before 2009 rolls around. Assuming I can let go of the chronological bug.

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