Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have been awash in scrapbook-land at the Great Lakes Mega Meet. I believe it's my 4th or 5th time going, and each year my mom and I take more classes and shop a little less. Which is fine, because I am liking going out of my "comfort zone" of 12x12 pages and trying new things. While I still spent all my birthday money, I am buying more projects and less stuff. I also find I'm gravitating more toward home decor items such as working with canvases, and I made a cool tri-fold frame in a class yesterday that I was really pleased with. Here are some of the things I enjoyed:

This was my first class - 3 12x12 pages and a mini-book.

Second class - a 6x6 album of cardstock, and the white center is actually 8 envelopes which you can store photos or memorabilia in. Very cool. Instead of Disney, I'm going to use mine for when Roman goes to a fair (we have the opportunity to go to 2 this summer).

My frame doesn't look like this (different papers), but it was really easy to make. I bought another kit just cuz it's so cool. The first 2 sections have transparencies in the window, so you can embellish or add more photos.

This is one of the things I'm really excited about. It's a 10x20 wall canvas kit. I got one about "family" too in burgundy shades. Rebekka had left a canvas behind and I've been wanting to do something with it, so thought I'd try a kit first to see how I like it.

I also bought a couple 8x8 acrylic albums and a chipboard album that the pages spell "birthday" so I can make Roman a little album for his first "buddy party." It occurs to me that I don't talk about my hobby much here, so I will try to do that more. I will maybe post some layouts in another day or two. Tomorrow is dedicated to sprucing up the outside of the house.

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