Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How I appear to be a put-together mom

I have had a couple people comment how smoothly we transitioned into our 2nd child, and how I seem to just go about my day like it's not hard at all. I admit, the posts do seem that way. On a rainy tired day, though, I will now admit - it's harder than heck. If it wasn't for Roman, I would hole up in the house, maybe venture out to a store once a week. I would read books, watch tv, and sleep. Well of course, hold & play with Charlie a LOT. But here's how I do it, unfortunately.... I let Roman watch a lot of tv.

I feel terribly guilty. Although not too guilty that I don't stop him. It's (mostly) PBS & Nick Jr., with Spongebob thrown in sometimes. I have begun exercising a little control, turning it off more often and telling him to go play. He likes to then follow me around and talk. Constantly. And we were making good headway, until I was struck with the mother of all sinus infections. So I'm tired. I'm very cranky. I just want Roman to be quiet and leave me alone for a little while. So I let him watch videos.

Apparently this is acceptable for a new 2nd-time mom, according to a mom I talked to yesterday. She's a parttime teacher as well, with a 5 year old boy and elementary-age girl. She said she was surprised I even get up and around before noon. I laughed... those days are more often than you'd think.

So I will try to be better. Because now that Charlie is becoming more alert, soon will come movement... and the real work will begin in earnest.

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paige said...

Hey! You are wasting valuable baby-sitting services when you allow your oldest to watch television. I force Elliott to watch Astrid M and then I languish in front of the tv all day instead. Okay, not really, but the potential is there. Mine the potential! And hooray for alert charlie--he's a lovely fellow!