Saturday, May 24, 2008

Greetings from Picnic Basket Drive

We are happily ensconced at Jellystone Park. Well, Roman's not real happy because we're making him have naptime. He stayed up late last night, up early this morning, went swimming, rode his bike, played at the park... he is exhausted. Charlie is pretty tired too, although he will nap just about anywhere. He went for his first swim this morning and while not smiling, didn't seem to mind it. Roman wore his Nemo swim vest and FINALLY we heard the words, "don't hold me!" He is petrified of anything new until he's finally made to do it; then he's fine. He could touch the bottom and stand, and he was pretty confident in his vest that his head would stay above water. He even put his face in the water after a time.

We're heading into town later this afternoon for some window shopping and a chicken dinner. Tomorrow - more of the same. I love camping here because they have activities for the kids running all day. Yesterday Roman made "sand art" and today they're doing tie-dying, although we would have to buy a shirt if we decide to do it. We are allowing Ro to go out on his bike without us, and he loves the freedom. We love the quiet. Although he doesn't stay away too long yet, and I think that's okay. There are a ton of kids here - and a ton of dogs, including a little yippy one next door that never stops. There is a dog show in town this weekend so I guess that's why everyone seems to have one.

Anyway, life is good. Charlie slept from about 10pm to 5am, but Doug and I woke up at least once an hour because we were paranoid the heater wouldn't start. That did happen twice. It got down to 37 last night. Thank goodness we don't tent-camp anymore. Ah well. I love getting away from everything.

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