Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Changes in attitude

Camping brings out the best in all of us. Roman is a sweet boy that loves to ride his bike and play outside; Doug relaxes and there isn't a hint of stress in him or myself. Charlie, it turns out, didn't like the water. But otherwise he did a lot of chillin' too, taking in the new sites and sounds.

When we return it seems that the daily grind descends upon us again. This time was no different - Roman flipped on the tv immediately, and Doug and I immediately began to catalog all the "stuff" we had to do... laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, who is going to do what... but this time, Doug and I have a long-term plan. We talked on Sunday night how we really like our "camping family" but there is much to be improved in our "at home family." So some changes are going to be made.

First step will commence this weekend - we are getting rid of cable. Well, we're downgrading to "basic" which is just channels 2-22 without a need for rabbit ears. We will get the big 4 (does Fox count as a major station?), 2 PBS stations, and the CBC (Canada channel). Along with some other meaningless stations that we don't watch anyway. And that's it. No Nickelodeon... no Cartoon Network... unfortunately, no History Channel or HGTV either. But that's what the Internet's for.

Second, we're going to try to adopt more of an "outdoor" attitude. It is so much easier for us to stay inside. Doug and I are not athletic, outdoorsy types. When we camp, we sit in our chairs or take walks, really. But we had a great time walking & biking and love seeing Roman do it. It will be out of our comfort zone, but that's why we have to do it.

Third, with the tv out of the way, we need to create more "relax together & do" times. Doug gets so overwhelmed because he comes home from work and I'm ready to dump the kids on him, Roman is usually in his whine-y stage, followed closely by Charlie's fussy period right after dinner... but we also allow tv and computer to soak up a lot of the time we could actually get things done. Again, refer to the slight, um, laziness we have. But we are determined to create more together/do times, because in a couple years Roman won't care. And now is the time to play catch in the backyard, now is the time to do the family bike ride (at least, once Charlie's sitting up).

And lastly, we're both going to join Weight Watchers and work together on becoming the physical people we want to be. I lost a quick 5-7 pounds, gain it, lose it, gain it. My body's still doing odd things (same weight, but 1 size smaller in pants - weird) so now is the time to just be done with it. And Doug, he's been talking the talk a long time but is finally ready to join in (due to a challenge at work).

This will all take time, and we will definitely have some bumps (try convincing vegetable-Roman to get off his butt and actually play outside - this will be a challenge in itself!). But we sat and marveled this weekend about how much fun we were having, how relaxed we were, and how great Roman was. So it's time to actually adopt that into our life here at home.


Nicole said...

Can you convince my husband to do WW? I'd do it - and stick to it - if he did it with me. But he won't stick to it and I lose focus and fall off of the wagon. Not to mention that I'm scared to step on the scale.

Cat Hoemke said...

You go family van Eewen! It is tough to make a change like that. Just remember that new habits feel weird until they become old habits. At least that's what I keep telling myself. My challenge: getting a walk in each day. It feels like nothing but really its the first step to wellness. I just dread pushing the silly baby carriage around the bike trail near my home. :)

Sheryl said...

Way to take charge of that! I wonder if Roman will take to it more if you guys are with him..- so have fun!!
I say Keep at it-I'm also trying this more active approach- and cat's right it is tough!