Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bumps & bruises

Charlie and I have had our share of bumps the past couple days. Horrible to admit, but he was in my arms Thursday when he decided to do one of those random spasmotic jerks, and he flipped around and landed forehead-first on the dining room table. Thank God I was just sitting at the table (talking on the phone to my Grandma) so he didn't have far to fall and I was able to calm him within a few minutes. Took awhile to calm myself, however. You can see the 2 impact spots here:

Luckily he continued to act normal, did not go to sleep, and once he calmed down he continued to be a happy child.

Karma had its way, however, on Friday night. As I was bending down to hug Roman goodbye (Doug and I went OUT!) Roman decided to jump up into my arms. I went down, Roman went up, and his head knocked my lower lip into my top teeth. Lots of blood and some tears (mostly Roman's) later, I just have a nice bruise and some swelling. I still had a good time, though, meeting with the "young couples" for a third time from church.

Other drama in my life includes the fact that I had made an entire baby album on Snapfish. I worked on it for 3 days, but as I clicked the button to "place order" tonight the button kind of "grayed out" and I couldn't do anything. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go backward. I refreshed the page (assuming nothing tragic would happen because I had saved the book so many times) but half of my work disappeared. The pictures are all on the pages I placed them on, but ALL the journaling... gone. So I have to go back and journal the entire d*$# thing again. 18 pages worth. I am not happy.

We did start shopping for Roman's birthday however, which he keeps reminding us is in June. He is at the gift-quarantine portion of his life, however; no buying anything for him about 6 weeks before a major gift-giving event. He is not pleased with this. So he keeps begging us to go to McDonald's or Burger King so he can get a toy.

Roman also is surprising us by reading. A lot. I know he has memorized a few simple words, and he can sound out 3 and 4 letter words pretty well. This evening watching tv, however, he said, "Funniest Pets and People is on next." How did you know that?, we asked. "Because that's what it says on the screen." What does it say above that? Long pause... "Next." Oh, my gosh. When we ask him to sound things out, he has to be in the right mood. But the other day he also sat in Charlie's room and read the Curious George lift-the-flap book that we just got. Like, actually read it. That boy is amazing. He also informed us at dinner that 1/1 is equal to 1, and 44/44 is equal to 1. We're not sure when he began solving fractions in his head, but the boy is an Einstein. He has already told us that Math will be his favorite subject, followed by Science.

Charlie? We have a ped. appt. on Tuesday for his 4-month checkup and I'm anxious to ask a few questions, namely about food. We assume we must stick to his adjusted-age for introducing solids, but the boy is taking 8 oz. at each feeding. It seems perhaps he needs something more filling, like rice cereal or applesauce mixed in. We'll see. I also took a picture of him in the bassinet, which will prove the crib needs to be introduced very soon:

He's practically end-to-end in it! That outfit is also a size 3-6 month, but in all other outfits, he's now safely in the 6 month sizes. Chunka-Monkey is what he is. Since he's supposed to be only about 7 weeks adjusted, you know. And the best part? For 3 nights in a row, he has slept on average 6-7 hours. From 10/11pm to about 5 or 5:30am. Woohoo!


wmw said...

It'll be awesome when your genius son goes to the international space station--he can represent as both an American astronaut AND a Russian cosmonaut!

Us said...

It's a "mom's fantasy" that Roman alone will heal the political and social rift between the US and Russia. So either as Sec'y of State or astro-cosmonaut, either works for me. :)