Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Bowled" over with fun

After getting my Z-pak and taking my first 2, I felt okay enough to go bowling with the fam. I couldn't help but post pictures here. Roman actually got 2 spares in the second game! It's a wonder the ball made it down the alley at all. It was like watching paint dry. We had to hit the "reset" button almost every one of his frames. Of course, the bumpers helped my game, too. We all "smell like bowling alley," as Roman puts it, so an extra load of laundry is happening tomorrow! When we got home Roman asked to see our wedding video. He was very interested in it, and especially wanted to see our wedding rings after that part in the ceremony. He wanted to know who was there, and what all the songs were... really funny guy. We were happy to oblige, as it was neat to see it again.

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wmw said...

Happy anniversary!

Charlie has the cutest cheeks!