Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adventures in feeding

So at the 7pm feeding we thought it'd be fun to introduce cereal. We made a very small amount mixed with formula.

Charlie kind of liked it, although he pushed a lot of it out of his mouth. The ol' tongue-thrust still in action. After a few bites, though, he was getting hungrier. And the cereal wasn't coming fast enough.

However, he really did like sitting in the highchair - although I think it was more because he loves looking at his Daddy.

We tried again at the 10pm but it didn't go over very well. I tried again this morning and Charlie definitely did not want any part of it - pushing it out of his mouth and crying. Even when we fed him formula first to "take the edge off" before trying cereal - no way. So I gave him a regular bottle at noon and he was happier. I just don't think he's hit the developmental place with tongue/swallowing to be able to eat. Did try to mix it in with a bottle to make it more "filling" but the brand of nipples we're using (Avent) make it very difficult, and Charlie couldn't get any out.

In Roman news, today is a good day. Yesterday was a bad day. Thank goodness for a good day because it makes me forget the attitude of yesterday. Since Tuesday was all about Charlie, Roman really acted up. Today I made sure to spend time playing with him (and prayed for the patience to do so) and he's in a much better mood, and I'm getting more done because I "did my time." I have definite opinions about playing with kids (since when is mom the sole playmate? Whatever happened to boredom becoming the spur for imagination?) but I'll have to blog about that another time.

What did crack me up today was Roman's mind getting more creative, or precise, depending on your point of view. We're going camping this weekend and Roman is thrilled. He's already gathering things to take with him. He had picked out a couple videos to watch along the way, and wanted to bring his flashlight and some Hot Wheels to play with. I told him to go put them on the stairs so we would remember to take them up. This is how he put them on the stairs:

They honestly were in almost perfect alignment, right up the center of the steps. What a funny boy.


Cat Hoemke said...

re: Roman - I think you've definitely got a mathematician/engineer on your hands!

Sheryl said...

I was thinking the same as Cat- How funny!
Have a great camping weekend- the weather looks fan-tas-teek!