Monday, April 21, 2008

Update: quiet time

Do you see that evil smirk? THIS is what I have to deal with, all summer long. Lord, give me strength. I took this picture soon after I finished the previous blog and got up to do laundry.
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing." Smirk.
"Why are you sitting there?"
"You told me I had to read quietly in my room. I'm in my room - see my feet?"
You all may be laughing, but it is damn irritating to have a child like this. I can't decide whether he's a smart aleck or very intelligent - or both. He does these little word games with me all the time. How and when do we decide he's gone too far into "needs a good smushing" land?

Yesterday, at the storage unit, he asked if he could play with some of the infant toys. "Sure," I said. Then he was putting some Playskool dinosaurs in the car.
"Why are you putting them in the car?"
"You said I could play with them."
"Yes, but not take them home."
"You said I could play with them. I'm going to play with them at home." (Did I mention the smirk?)

And did I mention this prayer again - "Lord, give me strength!"

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