Monday, April 14, 2008

A small break

Roman is at my parents' until Wednesday; that is, unless he falls apart and has to come home Tuesday. Anyone want to take bets? I should put a little poll up. Anyway, it's been nice. My parents sensed that Ro and his parental unit could use some "away time" so we can appreciate each other again. I believe that's also true. They had all kinds of fun planned; the hands-on museum, shopping at the dime store, and perhaps the Potawatomi Zoo if weather is good. I think he'll be okay.

It's been nice to have relatively uninterrupted time. Of course, Charlie has his moments (gas pains at noon; now he's grumpy-snorting-sleeping) where I have to stop everything and give him some lovin'. But I'm also able to catch up on things. Speaking of, I am going to register Roman for kindergarten. It's somewhat like adopting from Russia, honestly. There's a big checklist, and we have to have property tax proof, and business mail addressed to us, his birth certificate, immunizations, and about 5 papers came with the packet that I had to fill out. We had ordered 2 copies of his birth certificate and have failed to locate them now; we thought they were in the safety deposit box but no.... can't find them here in the house... so I'm going to attempt to register him with his Russian birth certificate and Certificate of Adoption. Heh. We'll see what happens.

Here's Charlie at my parents' house, caught in the act. Just like a man, falling asleep in front of the tv with the remote in his hands!

And Roman singing, "I'm a rock star! I'm a rock star!" into the microphone at Charlie's "sprinkle" on Saturday. It was at my brother's church and lots of family & friends came to celebrate Charlie's presence. Hooray! Lots of cute gifts, too. Now, I'm off for some research at a local video store and to get my hairs cut.

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