Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random things I keep forgetting to mention

Went to the library last week and was blown away by this cool program . Can you believe it – just for going to the library! I am hoping to take advantage of a couple of these, it’s just driving to some of them that makes me timid, not knowing my way around actual Detroit real well.

Charlie cooed and smiled at a pig toy dangling in front of his chair on Tuesday. Not at me, notice. That’s a smile and coo for Daddy, smile and coo for toy. Zero for Mama and Roman.

Roman was great on Tuesday. In fact, he is getting much better at playing on his own. He “talks” his guys for a few minutes before asking me to play, and Tues. late afternoon he got it in his head to modify the cardboard Hoth base. He gathered paper & scissors, asked to borrow tape, and made “trap doors” and “flip doors” for the bad guys. Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s a huge step for him. When Doug gets home he gets the report, though – “Mommy only played with me ____ times today.”

Thursday is Doug’s birthday, and he has requested strawberry shortcake for his dessert. Then he confirmed that he wanted to go see a movie ALONE. I think that’s funny, because I asked for 3 scrapbook classes at the MegaMeet for my birthday, which is Monday. Both of us requesting time away from the rest of the family as our present. It’s really okay, though, because last year I spent my birthday at Greenfield Village riding Thomas the Tank Engine. Which we're doing again this year but in May.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I am doing a tiny bit of it when I can. I found this SEI “scrapbook in a bag” that I bought at last year’s MegaMeet that I’m making a “brothers – first year” album. I also have lots of ideas in my head. Once Doug starts golfing, I’ll be getting a couple-hour block of time sometime each week to do my scrapping uninterrupted. Ish.

Charlie is doing one five-hour stretch at night, the late evening/very early morning stretch. We’re down to about 6 feedings a day as he can go about 4 hours in between now. His bioclock is weird, though – no matter what I try, he sleeps only about 30 min. in the morning. He’s awake, alert, bright-eyed, and sometimes even bushy-tailed. After his noon or 1pm feeding, he sleeps. All afternoon. Sometimes even all evening. I have no idea if he’s awake all night or not, because I’m dead asleep until he starts fussing!

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wmw said...

We have that chair and the first time I put Anna in it (7 months old of course) she almost exploded with glee! Rock her so that pig swung and she'd crack up. Now she enjoys climbing into the chair by herself, so it's growing with her nicely.

Happy birthdays to you both!