Monday, April 07, 2008

Preschool update

Roman's last day at preschool will be next Thursday, the 17th. There was a lot of "rigamarol" and a paper to fill out, but essentially they were going to charge us for next week anyway since I wasn't giving them a full week's notice (on a Monday, right.). If all goes as planned, however, Roman won't be there Monday, and only half a day Wednesday as we're setting up a playdate. Ah, well.

The owner was in the office when I told the girl that I was dis-enrolling Roman, and he said of course he was disappointed. I played it like it was because I am on leave right now (which partly is true) but made a comment about Ro not adjusting well and being a pistol in the classroom. He apparently was completely unaware of this, even though he is in the office a good portion of the time and has taken over co-directorship. Again, ah well. I have thought about writing a letter explaining my opinion of how this year has gone, but I figured - who knows what the cards hold, and in 3 years I may want Charlie there again, and so not a good idea to burn bridges.

Roman is fine with this development, and when we talked about it again last night he said, "yes, that's fine." He's so cute when he talks like a little grownup.

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