Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New tricks

Charlie's new trick - drinking 6 oz a feeding and going close to 4 hours in between. Sometimes longer, if he's in the car seat or snuggled up close to Doug. We're thrilled with this... my mom reminded me that most people with newborns are close to done with middle-of-night feedings by this time; we still have probably a month or two to go before Charlie will stretch all night. So we savor this new 4-hour schedule just that much more. I look forward to the time when I don't have to see 2:30am or 3am involuntarily.

Roman's new trick has lasted since last Saturday - no major fit throwing or tantrums, and his sweet mood has returned. It's sad to think the taking away of Tiny Tigers and his video game showed we meant business, but in the scheme of things it's a minor consequence for a lifetime of fit-throwing. Honestly, raising him has been a breeze until the past month or so. Wait... I didn't post about Tiny Tigers. Based on his behavior, especially Friday night which I won't even recount but know that I cried - we decided he would not be allowed to participate in Tiny Tigers karate. It broke our hearts to do it, but it was the only thing we could think of that would really get his attention. And it worked.

We cancelled Charlie's eye appointment on Tuesday due to a schedule conflict (me doing swim team stuff); it's rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I will of course post as soon as we know everything's normal.

I attempted actual shopping with both boys today at Kohl's. It was not a pleasant experience and I will not try it again. Neither kid was bad; but trying to think about what I needed, plus dealing with Roman, plus a fussy baby, was just no good. I did get what I needed; socks and underwear for Roman, a couple short-sleeve shirts for me.

And the last new trick of the post - I will begin losing weight. Actually, I have begun consciously losing weight as of Monday. I haven't officially joined Weight Watchers Online yet (again), but I know all their tricks and I'm trying to follow a few. Plus, the best advice I ever got - "listen to your stomach. Pay attention to your stomach. Don't eat if you're truly not hungry." That's the hardest thing for me to do - I am a habit eater. In the car, on the computer, got a couple minutes before I go do something else... grab something to eat. So I am trying to break that habit, along with starting to get some exercise. I know I can do this - I lost 25 lbs before we got Roman. I will post victories here every week as I will do official weighs on Thursdays. Go me!

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