Monday, April 21, 2008

I play "stay at home mom" today

So today is my first real "stay at home" day, in my opinion. Last week Roman was not his normal self due to fever, and there's just something about starting a week fresh that makes it "real." This morning we had a playdate scheduled with Michelle & her 2-year-old Kaelyn at an indoor playplace. Roman had been there before but I hadn't, so it was cool. Roman played very well around the younger kids there and also played a bit with a 5-year-old boy. We got in the car, however, and the whining began again. "I want to eat in the living room" "I want to have chicken nuggets" "how about fish sticks?" "I don't like bread!" "I don't like sandwiches!" On and on. I have to admit I lost my temper. Poor Charlie probably thinks yelling is how we communicate around here.

It irritated me that he could be so sweet for almost 2 hours, and then when he gets me alone again - wham! back to trying to manipulate. He already splashed so much during bath today he gets 2 showers instead of baths. And now he's trying to ask why he has to rest. Here's his comment - "I have everything on my mind but resting!" I told him flat out, "Because I need a break!"

I have Charlie in a bouncy seat/rocker next to me and he loves just chilling and looking toward the window. He definitely knows the shapes that are Mama and Daddy now, because the other evening I put him in his swing and then went to read a book. Doug went downstairs. After awhile Charlie began to cry. Doug was coming up the stairs and so checked on him - the minute Doug came into Charlie's view, he stopped crying. Simply amazing.

I'm trying to get Charlie on an actual routine now. He was awake all morning,though, and he really doesn't like to sleep (just like his brother). He is falling asleep in the rocking chair, but I tried to put him in his room and he just laid there eyes open, making noises. Little manipulator. I don't mind having him out here with me, but one of these days (when he has the crib?) I'm just putting him in there and he'll have to fall asleep on his own. He does real well with that at night.

It was kind of fun being out with other mommies this morning. While Roman irritates the heck out of me, the days are a lot less stressful. I actually had the thought the other day that I could probably find the time to polish my toenails. I haven't yet, but I could. I never even had those thoughts when I was working. This afternoon will be interesting, though, because there is laundry, cleaning, and some boxes I need to unpack and Roman will have to play on his own. That usually doesn't work real well, but it's one of the many things we're "working on" this summer.

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Cat Hoemke said...

I am counting the days until I can go out and have a pedicure to fix my awful feet! Hang in there! I keep telling Paul - eventually he'll go to college!