Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday busy, Saturday ill

I guess I'll start with Thursday. As it is once people start having kids, Doug's birthday was a small and uneventful day. He was surprised with birthday cupcakes at work, and we had a steak dinner here with strawberry shortcake at home, and then he opened his birthday cards. The end. Roman had Daddy do "everything" at night - that means help with jammies, brush teeth, read a story, and tuck in bed. It's the highest honor, really, since we usually divide these rituals between us both.

On Friday Roman, Charlie, and I got to my school at 7:15 because were helping to host a staff breakfast. It was great that most everyone I work with got to see Charlie, Roman was on his best behavior, and I got some adult-chat. Of course, I was exhausted, having to get up 2 hours earlier than normal to get there. But it was fun.

We then went to Roman's preschool and picked up his stuff - portfolio, journal, extra clothes. The only thing left is a Trike-A-Thon t-shirt that will come later. He said his goodbyes, and I was condescendingly lectured by the owner about Roman just having to "be okay with" the new baby situation. I walked out of there swearing that Charlie will never go there. Roman's behavior has improved by about 90% since he has been home with me, and if that isn't proof that their handling of behavior is poor, I don't know what is.

I THEN dropped Roman off at a friend's for a couple hours who graciously offered to take him so I could go to Charlie's eye appointment a little more freely. Charlie's eyes are "stable" and we were told we were discharged! Hooray!

We had a visitor Friday afternoon who I will probably write about more next week (how's that for being mysterious?), and by dinnertime I just wasn't feeling quite right. By bedtime, Doug wasn't feeling real well either. Please remember we had steak Thursday night.

Well, (too much info coming) I went to bed at 7:30pm and slept straight through until 2:30. After feeding Charlie, I spent the next 20 minutes on the toilet. Yuck. Doug's not that bad off, just cramping and lots of gas. We think that we either have gotten a viral something from Charlie, who has had poop in every diaper since Wednesday night, or we are sick off the steak, which we let sit in the sink to thaw probably too long. Ick.

So today Saturday, since it's also cloudy and looking like a good storm is brewing, is a sit at home, play in the basement, don't go too far from the bathroom day. I may even post later some more pictures!


pmfh said...

Good to hear about the eye app't -- is that the last big "preemie" thing outstanding?

(1-handed typing here w/ Wiggler in arms, gotta go bounce!)

Us said...

It is the last preemie hurdle. We still have to check with an ophthalmologist in a couple months, but other than that we're "free." Ah...