Monday, April 07, 2008

First: Trike-a-Thon & Baptism

On Thursday at his preschool, Roman rode a trike to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. They watched a little video on it and Roman was really struck by the sick children. Maybe because of his recent experiences with his Mama and brother in the hospital, but he was concerned about children needing people when they're very sick. He also has energy to light a small community if he pedaled fast enough, so he was happy to ride his trike for the full half-an-hour.

And Charlie's baptism was a small affair, for those of you perhaps disappointed that you didn't know about it/weren't invited. We wanted something small this time, just Charlie's grandparents and immediate siblings (which meant just my brother & his kids). Doug's parents had a small window where they could attend, and I had a small window when I wanted it because I wanted Charlie to wear my family's baptismal gown (and not burst out of the seams). We had our friend Paul H. be the deacon and assist with the baptism; his family (with Wendy & Mitchell) have seemed to be instrumental in the birth of Charlie. Believe it! Wendy picked up Roman from his preschool the night Charlie was born, and kept him at their house until my parents arrived and could get him. That plus a thousand little things made us want to have them somehow involved.

I will have more to report on Roman's preschool experience (or, that it's coming to an end) after I pick him up this afternoon.

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