Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fever & beer

Roman came home yesterday from my parents' and unfortunately, had developed a fever while there. Pretty high, too, 102.3 last night. Tylenol helps some, but his little body is just fighting something off. He appears in a great mood and has all kinds of energy, and then - wham! - just falls apart crying. He is actually asleep already for his nap (12:30).

Luckily, I escaped said feverish evening by taking Charlie with me to the middle school swim conference meet last night. My school won, which is always exciting. I did miss coaching this year, and am glad I'll be back next year. Charlie loved the pool - the humidity and noise put him right to sleep, and he slept the entire 2-1/2 hours we were there. He awoke briefly as I held him and watched the final race - the 400 free relay, always exciting because everyone puts their "big guns" in - and I was screaming myself hoarse. We placed 3rd in that race, sadly, but every single one of our girls swam a minute or faster. Amazingly, our fastest girl did the 4 lengths in 54 seconds... and was beat. Our relay, made up of 3 7th graders and 1 8th grader, actually beat a high school record. Simply incredible.

Anyway, the beer part. Charlie had a bottle (of formula, not beer!), and then coaches from 3 of the middle school went to a local restaurant to have dinner & drinks. I had 2 beers, but stupidly (because I'm always in a haze now) ordered them from the tap. So I actually had 2 pints, 32 oz, close to 3 bottle-beers. Going from not drinking since July, to having 2 pints, I'm a little.... sleepy and headachey today. In short, a very slight hangover. Can you believe it?!

Charlie's new tricks: I'm not sure what he weighs now, but he's graduated to 3-6 month clothes. In fact, I have a couple 3-month outfits from Carter's that his toes go all the way to the end. Doug hates it when I mention it, though, hates to acknowledge that he's growing up. He's practically out of the bassinet, too, lengthwise. We're going to have to put that crib up one of these days (soon).
He also doesn't have the need to be swaddled 24 hours a day either. He's doing great having his legs free. Physically, he's ahead of the game for his "adjusted age" of 3 weeks - holding his head up for periods of time, starting to really kick his legs, even attempts to roll over on tummy time (gets his right hip way up in the air, just can't figure out to tuck his shoulder). Verbally he's still very much an early infant, not doing much and none of it is deliberate sounds, although he does enjoy it when I make cooing or clicking sounds at him.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning until after I had eaten breakfast, which is no good. So I'll have to do it tomorrow. We're hoping Roman feels okay tomorrow to have his finale at preschool and say goodbye to everyone. And I should go take a nap, but I'm hungry myself, and when I'm done Charlie will want to be fed again....

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