Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A family day

Roman and I had a good day today. It was a typical day; a few times he needed to be reined in, but generally he was sweet and I was in a good mood. I have found that I don't smile a lot. This struck me today, when we were walking through a parking lot. Roman was a bit ahead of me and he turned around, and he looked so cute with the wind blowing his hair that I smiled. And I realized that I smiled. Which means that I probably wasn't smiling for quite a bit before then. This is also true with Charlie. When I make a conscious effort to interact with him face to face (rather than narrate my life side-by-side), I have to remember to have a smile on my face. Is it because I'm so tired? Stressed? Slightly depressed? I don't know. But I'm going to have to work at smiling a bit more.

So, today Roman accompanied me to my OB-GYN appointment, where I was officially discharged from postpartum care. My bp was 132/84, which while high for me, isn't a problem in dr.'s book. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a handful of things, and Roman convinced me to buy Go-Gurt. They should put normal yogurt flavors in there, because "cotton candy" is distasteful to me, but I'd certainly gulp down some raspberry or blueberry flavored ones. Then home for lunch, and Roman went to his first gathering at his "kindergarten school." There were about 10 kids there, all incoming kindergarteners. Today they toured the school and got to see the art room, and an example of all K-4th grade classes (our elem. is only K-4). They practiced walking quietly in a line down the hall. Roman was very proud that he did that. We got a plastic cup with the school's name and logo on it (the Cougars) and Roman is very proud of it.

Then when I picked him up, we went to the bookstore where I spent a Christmas gift card, and Roman got a little something too. We're starting chapter books now, "Magic Tree House." I bought the one about the Titanic. Roman is practically an expert on the subject, and I figured we better start chapter books with a subject we both know and love. He's funny; with all his Star Wars mania, when I talk about real wars he gets very nervous. He likes knowing that I teach about them, but when I suggested a Magic Tree House book about the Civil or Revolutionary Wars, he said, "Oh no, no, no."

Tonight was bath night for both younger boys. And Charlie's bath was a family affair, as seen here.

Roman likes to spray Charlie down with the sink-sprayer. It's a huge excitement for him. And can you believe the belly on that baby? The 2nd picture was taken just after a bottle. And, finally a picture of ME with Charlie! As you can see, he's looking right at me. We've noticed such an improvement in his gaze the last few days. He also responds to smiles quite a bit now. It's so nice to know he finally knows there's a world out here.

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