Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The drama of kindergarten registration

I thought it'd be a simple thing. After gathering all the paperwork (and finding Roman's "American" birth certificate last night!) it would be a snap to run over to the school, turn the papers in, and be done. Oh, no.
The secretary looked at the papers and said, "have you registered him for after-school care yet?"
No, I thought that happened when I registered him for kindergarten.
"Well, that's a different registration, and parents line up to get a spot. I think they're full."
This is my first child; I had no idea I had to do it separately, I figured it was through the school.
"I'll call over and see if there's a waiting list."
*I begin to panic, trying to imagine arranging totally new daycare for Roman*

So she calls, and praise God! There was ONE spot left for the afternoon latchkey at Roman's school. Can you BELIEVE it? I rushed right over, paid my deposit, and Roman has the last spot in afternoon child care. Honestly, this is partly why I hate living in a different school district than I teach. I know exactly what to do in my district, who to contact, and how it all works. For a first child, things are totally unclear here. There should be a packet explaining all this; better yet, explain it online! Where to register, when to register, and all that stuff. Frustrating.

But it was relatively painless, he is all registered, and now we just have to figure out what to do with him when he has days off school and I don't.

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