Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cooing and biking

Doug got an actual coo and smile out of Charlie yesterday. Charlie had been in the swing during dinner, and when Doug went to pick him up, Charlie looked at him, smiled, and made a happy sound. The first time the two went together! Very cool. Charlie also did a first - slept almost five hours last night. I heard him hungry around 4am and couldn't believe my eyes!

Roman and I took our bikes this morning and rode to the library. It was good, except for the part where Roman didn't apply his brakes fast enough and skidded out onto the Mile road. He backed up and there were no cars coming, but he scared the pants off me. So we are no longer letting him lead while biking. Ro chose 2 movies and a Star Wars picture book, and I got a teen novel. Those are truly the best right now - don't require thinking and I can finish them in a week.

How out of shape am I, though? Just that little jaunt to the library has made my legs tired!

Today we have friends visiting us for afternoon & dinner, and they have a 2-year-old son. They haven't spent any time with Charlie; last time I saw them I was still on bedrest in the hospital! It should be a fun visit.

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