Monday, April 28, 2008

By the numbers, for my birthday!

In 5 minutes I will officially be a year older. Yay me!

In weighing the whole family this morning, Roman still is holding steady at 37 pounds, I lost the weight I had gained last week so I'm now back to -4 since I started, and Charlie weighs a whopping 13.5 pounds! We have to turn the swing up to "3" to rock Charlie now, as his weight makes levels 1-2 a little... slow.

We just had our FIRST non-poopy diaper since Wednesday evening. Thank goodness.

Yesterday I went to the Dress Barn as I had a coupon in the mail and I love their lightweight capris. I also now love all their tops. Great groovy designs and colors. While I couldn't splurge, I did pick up a pair of capris, denim shorts, and one top. (more on my changing body shape in another post!) What I love about them is that it's so easy to budget. Their prices are pretty consistent, so I can tell Doug on the way out "I will be spending ____ amount of money" and I can hit it pretty much on target.

Since it's going to thunderstorm today, plans for visiting a petting farm are on hold and we're going to the library. Return 4 items, probably get 3-4 more, and spend the afternoon playing or watching a movie in the basement.

Because Doug is golfing (barring thunderstorm, I imagine) this evening, my big birthday dinner will consist of either Burger King or Wendy's. I'm leaning toward Wendy's cuz I just love their Frosties.

Happy Day!


paige said...

The happiest of birthdays to you, Madame!

wmw said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your Frosty. I make those just for you, you know.

(And hello over here, paige... Seinfeld moment alert...WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!)

Us said...

Well hi, Paige! Thanks!