Thursday, March 06, 2008

Making a mess to get things clean

Staying at home for ?? long is nice because I can tackle tasks around the house that have been driving us crazy for months but we didn't have time to attend to. This came to a head last weekend, when I had to finally clean out the closet in the spare room to move Roman in. This caused a giant pile in the 3rd bedroom. To find places for that pile, I had to clean out the closets in that room. And that led to the hall linen closet needing to be cleaned out. So essentially, in 5 days I cleaned out 4 closets. The 3rd bedroom was trashed for a few days, what with donate/trash/keep piles all over, but it's done now.

And just like on those tv shows, there is room to add things in 3 of the 4 closets. Amazing. Out on the front deck currently is/are 3 bags of donation items, and on the curb is/are 2 bags of trash from these 4 closets. These are no ordinary bags, either - they are Doug's industrial-grade, 4-foot-high trash bags. I'm very pleased with myself. Lastly, a plug for the Vietnam Vets of America - in my area they collect donations and then sell them to retailers, and that's how they raise money for their organization. Very cool. Plus, they are in my neighborhood every day, and I can schedule a pickup the night before, even.

Roman and I had a teachable moment last night which was nice. As I was tucking him in bed he said, "I know how to spell cat - c-a-t." We then thought of rhyming words. Then I had a stroke of brilliance. "You know how to spell all those words," I said. He didn't believe me. I started with hat. I told him to just change the first letter, and he spelled h-a-t. Got a little grin. Then I said, "how about pat?" He thought for a minute, and then spelled it. We covered rat, sat, bat, & mat as well before he started getting silly. But he had a smile of accomplishment the whole time, and I hope perhaps we made a brain connection there.

Charlie is becoming an actual human as he gets closer to his due date. By this I mean, he doesn't sleep 20 hours anymore per day. He is consistently waking about an hour before his next bottle; a little bit hungry but easy to distract, alert & in a good mood. That's very nice. I know I need to take more pictures... perhaps today or tomorrow.

Lastly, a little about myself - I'm going to meet with my boss today to talk a little about the dilemma of next Fall; specifically, kids vs. work vs. part-time schedule. I just feel I need to clue him in as to the issues and maybe he can assist. Working part-time I know I am last on the priority list when it comes to schedules, but I also know I'm a good teacher & hopefully he'll want to keep me around if possible. Cross fingers. My former boss always had our schedules done by this point, but who knows where C. is currently.

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