Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Tuesday already?!

Here's a size comparison for you. While Charlie is getting bigger, he's still a tiny little dude. I can't believe I haven't blogged since Saturday. As the sleep deprivation continues, days are becoming foggier and running together more easily. Unless it's something outstanding, I can't remember what day it is anymore.

Sunday was an outstanding day. Our friends from the Flint area (Flushing, specifically - I don't know if they want to be equated with Flint!) came to visit. They have 3 kids who Roman loves to see; he plays well with their middle child. Their youngest, Sarah (one week older than Roman), could not wait until she had baby Charlie in her arms. They warned us, too - be prepared, because Sarah wants to get ahold of that baby! She held him just fine, as did their oldest. It was a fun afternoon. We were exhausted, though, after they left. Really, the most activity our house has seen since Charlie was born, I think.

Monday brought me shopping with a gift certificate to JCP from Christmas. I finally have a pair of jeans that fit, and 2 mid-weight sweaters that will take me through May. So I cleaned out the majority of my saggy-baggy maternity clothes today. Will put them on Ebay next Fall when they are in season again. There are still a couple items I wear a bit, as my tummy just isn't where it used to be. Today I had another one of those "funk" days. I wasn't in a bad or sad mood, I just kept forgetting what I had planned to do, and yet got some things accomplished. The clothes in the closet, like I mentioned. Even began reading a book. But I didn't call my HR department like I've been meaning to for days. Oh well.

Charlie is doing great. We had to switch his formula again due to what appeared to be painful gas and definitely greenish poop. We are now on Enfamil (he was drinking the preemie version for awhile) and today he is fine. His gas, while still there, doesn't appear to make him uncomfortable and his poos are back to normal. Roman has been catching up on sleep. We've put him to bed at 7:30 for the past two evenings and he has fallen immediately sleep, and he had to be woken up both mornings.

Coming the rest of the week: another visit to the eye doctor for Charlie on Thursday, I go see a movie with ladies from church Thursday evening ("The Other Boleyn Girl" or whatever it's called) and I meet with my grad school advisor on Friday. You know that obstacle I mentioned that might come between me and working next year? That just might be finishing my grad classes. We'll see what options he puts forth and I'll expound on it later.


Nicole said...

Ummm - can I have my maternity clothes back? I do plan to have another some day . . . . .

Amy said...

I'm not selling yours, silly! You've got a special pile in the workroom. So I guess it was keep/donate/trash/Nicole/various coworkers piles that I had. :)