Saturday, March 08, 2008

Got Milk? (or, "how YOU doin'?")

Forget the milk mustache. This baby's got a milk goatee! This is after one of his very satisfying 4-oz. bottle feedings on Friday. It was just too cute. Had to take about 5 before he would even open his eyes a slit, but I think this shot is precious.

Things worked out well in the meeting with my boss. He had me scheduled for exactly what I need for next year, and in discussion with Doug we think that we can swing me still being part-time next year (even with some part-time daycare payments), and yet I will still be able to walk Roman to kindergarten and spend my mornings with Charlie. How's that for "having it all"?! I'm sure there will be some obstacle that will come up (best laid plans, and all that) but it looks like for now, God is delivering the perfect year for me next year. Except for having to find time to lesson plan and grade papers, and all that. :)

Roman was rescued this afternoon by a church family who is becoming better friends of ours - they have a son who just turned 4 and they live not even a mile from us. The mom called and asked if we wanted to send Roman their way for a couple hours. What a blessing! Roman gets to play with a friend, and Doug and I get some quiet time together. By that I mean, we're actually quiet. I'm typing, and he's eating chips-and-dip. Ahhh.

Went to a "Generation X" meeting at church last night, the first in hopefully many meetings of the young families in our church. There were 6 couples there, but a possible 15 that could be included in the definition of a "young family." I went by myself as we felt it was a little early to have a babysitter for Roman and Charlie, but there's another get-together next month that I think we will call a sitter for.

Lastly, we're working on tummy-time with Charlie to start building up those neck & back muscles. As the experts say, he doesn't like it at first - but then he at least stops yelling and has a "what the heck!" look on his face... as seen here.

He can actually lift his head a little, and by smearing his face across the stool he does actually turn it from side to side. Just not this day.


Cat Hoemke said...

Hey we just got done watching the happiest baby on the block. Amazing! Thanks for the suggestion. This look on Charlie's face reminds me of so of those babies once you start "shhh"-ing them on their side. :)

Amy said...

I got that "happiest" recommendation from a coworker, and it really works for Charlie. Glad you may find it useful! It at least makes me feel like I'm armed with "things to try" when he gets a little worked up. For him, it's over-stimulation - he gets really upset, flailing his arms, trembling.