Sunday, March 30, 2008

A fix for what ails us.

We have decided to get Roman on a little rewards chart. Well, a big rewards chart. It worked miracles for him when he was giving us a lot of trouble at bedtime; now it will cover things such as behaving at the dinner table, following directions, and a couple of chores; setting the table, and the like. It starts tomorrow, and every 2 days (for now) he can earn a reward. So we'll see what happens.

Charlie has been overly stuffy for about a week now, so I think I will call the ped. tomorrow. He has trouble drinking because of the boogers, and we've taken to saline drops and aspiration a few times a day. On the plus side, however, he is obviously seeing better than he was; he actually goes cross-eyed because he's trying so hard to focus on what's in front of him, and he actually appears to be looking around the room, versus staring and having people in his way.

Charlie attended his first big family party on Saturday, where we were part of a surprise 40th birthday for my cousin in Kalamazoo. It was great fun, and her husband succeeded in pulling it off. We played "pass the baby" most of the day, from oldest (Oma, at age 89) to close to the youngest (Iris, at age 4) all holding Charlie. We then had our first overnight at my parents', where both grandparents happily hogged him. Unfortunately for us, they didn't offer to do those middle-of-the-night feedings.

I got new glasses on Friday, and there is definitely a difference. The glasses I had were the same prescription as my contacts, but when this new dr. looked at them, they were off. By quite a bit, actually. That's fine by me, I like getting new glasses. I have to have the right "arm" adjusted as it's a little tight, but otherwise I'm pleased.

Roman stays home with me 2 days a week starting this week, and hopefully we will begin to see a change in behavior. One of our biggest irritations is the fact he wants us to play with him 24/7. I don't ever recall my parents playing with me for hours on end, and I don't know where he gets this idea. Probably because he always has someone to play with at preschool. Well, the playing and following directions are our biggest problems. Fingers crossed for my patience this week!

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