Monday, March 24, 2008

A day of awe

Our Easter service theme was standing in awe. Of the empty tomb, of the risen Christ, of the wonders that God can do. Our pastor started out asking us to consider a time when were speechless, in awe of something we were witnessing. And then he actually mentioned that recently he had stood in awe when looking upon our baby. I just about burst into tears, because of course that was what I was thinking. Tomorrow is Charlie's due date. Doug and I consider this entire time, from January 17 to tomorrow, as "borrowed time." I am in awe of the fact that Charlie was born healthy, that he came home in only 3 weeks from the NICU, and that he has continued to thrive. That our family has adjusted reasonably well, and basically.... that everything works out as God intended. Just awe-some.

Easter was great at our house. I will illustrate with pictures. Charlie as a bathing beauty (honestly, he did have a happy look on his face just before this!); Roman checking out his haul that was hidden in the eggs; Grandma & Aunt happy to see the baby; and the 4 grandkids (all boys!) in Doug's family.

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