Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Painting begins

The grand painting experiment began this weekend. The room is now gray and Roman does believe it looks like the inside of the Millennium Falcon. However, as a simple 4-year-old, he also has to have ALL his possessions in his room, so the M. Falcon now has books, stuffed animals, and a train bank inside it.

There is room for a couple posters around his bed, and we definitely are going to get the Yoda cutout. Over the desk is where our attempt at the cockpit is going to be, and we found Star Wars removable battle stickers on Ebay that we can put on the wall so it looks like he's looking out at it.

He already has sat at the desk and played Han Solo. We also heard the most musical, lovely words any child can say - "I'm going to go play in my room!" YES! It didn't last long ("Will someone play with me?") but he really does like playing in there. We allowed his toy box to go in there too; figured as Charlie grows bigger, Roman will need a separate spot for his toys with little things, and just a place to get away from him.

My Dad also gave us an intriguing idea for finishing the basement ceiling; paint some paneling and screw them to the joists. Can be easily removed to check pipes, but will be a heck of a lot cheaper than a drop-ceiling. We'll see what spring brings... we're also talking about the concrete for a garage, finally.

Charlie has a ped. appointment this morning and of course I'll update as soon as we get some new stats!

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