Monday, March 17, 2008

Another baby?!

Ah, not me! My friend Cat gave birth on Saturday morning, 3 weeks early so he's considered a preemie too! We became friends in first grade, and were amazed to find ourselves pregnant at the same time and due within a week of each other! But now, we both have preemies. Funny.

God has taught me today that I made the right choice in not being a full-time stay at home mom with multiple kids. Roman is home today sick (horrible cough, low-grade fever) and between his neediness and Charlie crying like a real newborn for 15 minutes for no reason whatsoever (gas, I think), there's no way I could handle this every day. I ate my lunch standing up and got about 6 bites of chicken and 4 bites of rice. An hour later, I had string cheese. Not the way to live life!

We have an appointment on Wednesday at the pediatrician for the official "2 month" checkup. I also have a couple pictures on the camera but I will get them posted later.

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