Friday, February 08, 2008

We're home!

Can you believe it?! And of course, he's already screwing up his hospital-made schedule. He didn't want to eat at 2:30 and only took half his normal feeding, then he was hungry 2 hours later and had almost 20cc. So who knows how much he'll take at the next feeding? What a stinker. So much for having an every-three-hour night. But if you consider what he has gone through today - circumcision, car ride, change in location - I guess my day would be a little thrown off too.

Roman was very excited to have his little brother home, and he even made a sparkly glitter picture for near Charlie's bed. We're going to pose for a whole-family picture after dinner. More updates later.

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flama said...

You all are wonderful! So happy to see Charlie and all of you home. Prayer works! cwf