Wednesday, February 27, 2008


First the bad news. Rebekka's mom made sure that we couldn't see her today, by deciding at the last minute to take the day off from work and keep Rebekka busy all through the evening. Deliberate, the social worker and I believe, to keep her away from us. So the social worker told mom that Rebekka will spend the day with us next week sometime (through dinner) and there will be no argument. So there. Disappointing, but not surprising. So we will go to church after all, and I earn a day off from cooking dinner.

Charlie's vision is definitely improving. He has recognized a bottle in front of his face (the usual 8-12 inches) many times now, and today I caught him staring at a little blue bear rattle (as seen in a previous picture) in the pack & play. I picked it up and shook it, and he kicked his legs. I shook it in his line of sight, and then moved it a little without noise, and Charlie definitely tracked it a tiny bit with his head. This is a huge thing - he just keeps acting like a newborn. It's beginning to make Doug suspicious that maybe me and the FedEx man met up one day and Charlie was on time, after all! :)

We are creating a "vision" for Roman, too. This weekend begins the transformation of the burgundy room into the inside of the Millennium Falcon. You know, Star Wars? For awhile Roman wanted it to be like the ice planet Hoth, but Doug and I just could not do the nuances of snow. We can, however, paint things gray. Wickham Gray, to be specific, from the Historical Colors line of Benjamin Moore. We've got other cool ideas for the room such as painting the closet doors to look like blast doors (with a darker color gray), purchasing a cutout of one of the Star Wars characters (only $30 on a website I found), and letting Roman pick a couple posters. I also had a coworker recommend borrowing an overhead projector to paint an actual something on the wall; we're thinking where the desk will go, will look like the cockpit of the Falcon. We'll see. The goal for this weekend, however, is to get a couple coats of Kilz on the walls and maybe even get the walls painted gray.

Of course, we're not professionals, nor do we have uninterrupted time to paint. So my dad is going to help out this weekend. He helped with the nursery when we first got Roman, so why not have him help with Roman's second bedroom? Charlie will eventually go in Roman's room. While I've read experts who say do changes like this before the baby becomes so the big kid doesn't feel they are being "kicked out," Roman is so excited to have a new room and have things focused on him, I don't think it has occurred to him to feel "kicked out." We told him that Charlie doesn't get to choose, but big brothers get to. And that makes him happy.

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