Thursday, February 07, 2008

Super-speed nesting

Again, our dining room looks like a baby store exploded inside it. Between things borrowed and bought, we haven't put anything away... and the washer & dryer are in use quite a bit trying to wash floor blankets, the little outfits, receiving blankets, preparing everything for, uh... tomorrow. We got confirmation that unless something goes drastically wrong, Charlie will be discharged sometime after 10am on Friday. Drs. do their rounds then, they will do a final check on him, and then Doug and I will receive our instructions.

Charlie received 2 shots yesterday for the start of immunizations, I had to leave early due to weather so I couldn't comfort him. That bothered me a lot. I asked about when the circumcision would be done and they said "whenever the dr. comes in" so that irritates me as well, maybe not being able to be there to comfort him. It's very much like when Roman was in Russia, knowing these things were happening but not being able to be a parent. I think this is almost worse, though, because I like to fancy that Charlie knows I'm Mama, and maybe he wonders why I'm not there when painful things happen? Although Doug reminds me that he kept getting his IV moved and that was probably painful. I said I just didn't like to think about that, and tomorrow can't come soon enough.

On the plus side, Charlie continues to thrive with feedings. The nurses on Tuesday night decided to see how much he would truly take in a feeding; his minimum has to be 35cc (a bit over 1 ounce). Well, during the day he will only take about 35cc. At night, he was taking between 50 and 60cc - two ounces! I suspect he will really start to chunk it on once he can be at home.

I believe the next few days will be short posts as things are going to get a bit... busy!


Angela said...

What amazing news! I am so happy for you all!

Cat Hoemke said...

Congratulations again on Charlie coming home so soon. Yeah, I suspect you all will drop of the radar for a while. I will learn to live without the baby-update I suppose. :) Take lots of pictures!