Saturday, February 09, 2008

Since Charlie has come home...

He has been held almost constantly for 36 hours.
He has gone through 4 outfits.
Amy has been pooped and peed on. Doug has not.
Roman went shopping with Grandpa and got a Star Wars Lego set (post-films ship).
Roman had a meltdown at dinner, begged to "go rest," and fell asleep in bed at 5:30pm.
Grandpa has not fed Charlie but held him all afternoon.
Baba has fed Charlie twice and got 3 good burps out of him.
Doug has gotten approx. 6 hours of sleep (in 2-hour increments).
Amy has gotten approximately 4 hours of sleep, plus a half-hour nap.
Roman has "petted" Charlie twice and checked on him whenever we've asked.

No pictures - I'm typing on a different computer. Perhaps tomorrow.

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