Monday, February 25, 2008

Roman & Rebekka

Roman is done with having a little brother, I think. This weekend was really hard on him, and us. We were short on sleep anyway thanks to Charlie, who had developed a pretty bad constipation/gas issue based on the preemie formula he was taking (and therefore was awake every 45 min. or so, all night, Friday and Saturday). And Roman is tired of the attention given to Charlie, so Saturday morning began with a 6am wakeup by Roman ("I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry" ad nauseum) until one of us told him to be quiet or there'd be no breakfast. This was followed by a pretty good morning, but then the afternoon after we got back from the hospital can be summed up in one phrase: "Who is going to play with me?" Constantly. "I can't play by myself." "I want you to keep my company." "Will you play? Will you play? Will you play?"

Combine these neverending phrases with not following directions ("Don't take your Lego guys apart, just put them away" and then he takes his Lego guy apart), and Roman was finally put to bed with no dessert and no bath at 7:15pm Saturday. We thought Sunday was going to be better, but it was pretty much more of the same - but he did follow directions a tiny bit better. This morning, however, brought a 5:15am wakeup by Roman because he had "leaked" (code word for "wet the bed"). But at least preschool saves us today. He really wants to help with a bath for Charlie but because he landed in bed early again last night (7:30pm), we saved it for today - but he doesn't know that. It will get better, I keep telling myself. It has to, before June when Roman is home all day every day with me!

Now that things are settled a bit with Charlie home, I called Rebekka's social worker this morning to see if we could set up another meeting with them so Roman & Doug could see Rebekka again too. We are going to probably see her Wednesday evening, but the news isn't very good. I'll summarize by saying she has relapsed into her old ways and because she is 17 (and been involved in the court system since she was, I think, 12 or 14), she is going to be discharged from juvenile courts ("we have exhausted all options," according to the court rep) and she will now be tried as an adult if she is caught in anything illegal; which, sadly, is just a matter of time. As Doug and I were afraid of, she still has not hit bottom and is doing "good" behavior only to keep herself out of lockup. So Wednesday will probably be the last time we see her officially through Growth Works, and maybe the last time ever unless she keeps in touch with us. It will be a sad evening indeed.

In good news, we have switched Charlie off the aforementioned preemie formula and his poos have returned to normal, with little gas or gas pains. It's a dilemma, of course, because he may need all the extra vitamins and calories, so I'll have to call the dr. to consult. But he's also taking almost 2-1/2 ounces at a feeding and appears very hungry when he wakes, so that's very good. And currently as I type, he's enjoying his first official "waketime/playtime" by being curled up in the Boppy next to me and gazing out the window. He definitely can see better - shapes definitely, and he gazes at our faces quite intently. He also knew I had a bottle in my hand earlier, because when I held it up in front of him (not in the regular feeding position, but here in the Boppy) he opened his mouth wide. Simply amazing.

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