Friday, February 01, 2008

Pass the bottle, baby. With pictures.

My parents-in-law are heading home, and Doug and I are all by ourselves for real now. I can finally drive (although the car, supposedly fixed, is not. So it's going back to the fix-it shop on Monday). Our house & laundry has been done for 2 weeks in a row, giving Doug a break and me a head start on being a stay-at-home-mom for the next 8 months. Goodness, 8 months? Well, 7, technically. Wow.

Anyway, today the weather was not so good. Therefore Roman stayed home again and miraculously took a 2 hour nap. He also was tired this evening - I think we finally broke the cycle of overtiredness and he can finally start catching up. My pappy-in-law drove me up to the hospital where I was pleased to discover I did not miss the 11am feeding. And on top of that, they wanted to try bottle feeding!

And then, they reminded me that babies need burping.

Can you believe how tiny he is compared to my hand? And despite the look on his face, Charlie enjoyed it. He received 33cc of milk, and drank down the first 15cc like he'd been doing it for months. He grew pretty tired toward the end of the bottle, taking long breaks and forgetting it was in his mouth, as well as spilling a bit out of his mouth. No biggie, Nurse Karen was very pleased considering it was his first time. And all those bottle feedings we gave Roman have begun to surface back into my brain and I'm remembering how to do it.

Doug and I went back to the hospital this evening while Roman was put to bed by my in-laws, and Doug took a peek in Charlie's chart. His weight is now 1788 grams, which is 3 pounds, 15 oz; just an ounce less than 4 pounds. What a guy! Notice also what's new in this picture - the boy is wearing clothes. He's small even for preemie outfits right now, but they said we could bring in some of our clothes if we'd like. And I don't want him in hospital hand-me-downs all the time, so a couple preemie outfits we've received are going to find their way into his isolette drawers (thanks Michelle!).

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Angela said...

Hi guys! He is definitely a Champ Amy! I am so happy for you guys! It's amazing how tiny he is in that little outfit! I can't wait to meet the little guy in person! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed our "snow day"...