Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh my gosh, holy crap...

I mean the title in a good way. I think. I must repeat... holy crap. I went to the hospital as is my usual habit, settled in with Charlie in my arms, and continued reading a book. Nurse Debbie came in and we chatted about how well Charlie is doing. Nurse said that based on weight, Charlie could come out of the isolette & into an open-air bassinet. This just amazed me and I was thrilled! Then, as Nurse perused his chart, she asked if anyone had "talked dates" with me yet. I knew she meant when Charlie would be discharged. I said the last thing I had heard - a couple weeks if things continued to go well. She laughed. I felt a stab of excited dread. She said, "if he does well in the bassinet, he'll be going home this weekend." WHAT?!

Jaw hit the floor. I started laughing. Almost cried. What?! I told her my mom was coming this weekend so we could shop for things we needed; Nurse laughed again and said, "I think you need to go out shopping tonight. Your mom can help you set things up." I said I didn't even have a carseat! Nurse reiterated - "You might want to go out shopping tonight." Apparently I appeared so dumbfounded she felt the need to call the Resident Doctor in. He agreed with Nurse's assessment and explained to me the following:
Assuming no setbacks, Charlie has to be in open air for 48 hours. If all goes well, he can be discharged. Since we want a circumcision, that will probably be scheduled for Thursday; so he would be ready for discharge on Friday at the earliest. Of course, we can't quote him on that - but he figured it would be this weekend.

Oh, my gosh. Holy crap. I called Doug and left a message, which he thought was a pretty funny joke. He's still trying to recover from the near-heart attack. And we did go out tonight to get the basics to get us through the weekend - bottles, diapers, and oh yeah, a carseat. A few other little things that we figured we'd need (baby lotion, sheets for the bassinet). I'm hearing rumors of family & friends wanting to celebrate Charlie with showers in the future once things are settled, so I didn't get too much. The Hardy family again came to the rescue and had Roman over to play Star Wars on the Wii so Doug and I could shop in peace. And then loaned us their bassinet.

So we've got sleep, poop, and milk covered. I think we're good for now.


Cat Hoemke said...

Congratulations! Hope our gift arrived. This is such great news. You are making me all paranoid about getting ready on our end.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! One more thing you might want to pick up (maybe you already have) is soft paper towel. Viva brand works great instead of washclothes for poopy clean-up. That way you don't have to wash a million yucky washclothes since most newborns' skin is too sensitive for wipes (even the sensitive brands)I wish someone told me about Viva! Commercial over...I'll keep praying for you all!!
Lisa Hedrick

michdaug said...

He looks so cute in his little outfit. Oh my goodness. You will be so happy to have him home and you will start to feel semi-normal again. Hi Roman!!!!!!!!!!
P-Fo and Kaelyn