Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday morning... not what I had planned.

As seems to be typical of the last, oh... since January 1st, my plans again went awry for today. Roman developed a fever on Saturday night that continues to pop up whenever we stop giving Children's Tylenol, so he is staying home today from preschool. So my glorious first official day home with just me and Charlie, of which I - dare I say it - had actually made a plan for, has fallen by the wayside in favor of arguing with a tired & sick 4-year-old. Examples, all of which have come out of my mouth today:

"No, you can't play Lego Star Wars game all day. No, you can't just drink juice all day; you have to eat something too. No, you can't have a fruit snack. You have to eat something healthy. No, a Nutty Bar is not healthy. Choose, Roman, the Darth Vader game or a video. I'm not switching power cords all day long. Oh, of course Roman, you know everything, so don't follow my directions. I'm NOT getting your Valentines out now, we'll do it this afternoon after nap. Yes, your nap, not Charlie's. Oh, yes, you ARE having a nap..."

In other news, Charlie, Daddy, and I have worked out a pretty good nighttime schedule. I will go to bed early (around 9 or 10pm) and Daddy does the 10pm feeding. I get up for the 1am feeding. Daddy gets up for the 4am feeding. Then we both get up at 6 or 6:30 to start the day. Not too bad. We both actually felt slightly rested today.
Roman believes he can understand Charlie's grunts, and it's pretty amusing to hear what Charlie says. He does not like Thomas videos, he doesn't like Star Wars, and he likes his bottles. A few minutes ago Roman told me that Charlie is barking like a dog, "and I don't like that."

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